How do I know what is missing your hair

You take the oil to rid the hair from drying out - they become fat. Do a hydrating mask - and his hair still do not grow and fall out. Issleduesh store shelves in search of a suitable shampoo or conditioner and smooching in an infinite variety of means "for dry and brittle," "hard and naughty," "for dull and lifeless." Choose the perfect makeup for hair does not help either advertising or the advice of friends, because for this it is necessary to know what will suit you exactly. Today I'll tell you what ingredients are needed hair, how to find out what exactly is missing your body and what to do.

1. Hydration

How do I know what is missing your hair

Put simply - moisture. It may not be evident, as the loss of hair or split ends. Dry hair is no bed, still look unattractive, dull and hard as stale straw.

The reason for dryness can be hereditary - the skin does not produce enough oil to moisturize the hair and acquired - the hair is damaged and can not retain moisture in the internal structures. In any case, restore hydration once and for all will not work, so that the basis of your care should be shampoo for dry hair. They are usually creamy texture and not transparent.

2. Oils

How do I know what is missing your hair

Remember that moisture will not replace food, because when hair is destroyed, moisture evaporates from it instantly. Restore hair structure to help vegetable oils and other products that contain them.

When applied to the hair oil creates a protective film that helps to retain moisture in the hair shaft and makes the proteins break down when exposed to heat. Completely abandon the dryer and other thermal effects are unlikely to succeed, so at least do not neglect the defense. If you know that you will blow-dry, use a special thermo-mask. It is an innovative product that changes the familiar idea of ​​the care of hair. Apply it on clean hair, stepping back a couple of centimeters from the roots. After 5-10 minutes, wash away, starting from the back of the head. Try to mask washed off not completely, leave a little on the basic length and ends. Blot with a towel, and then land a hairdryer.

Thermo-mask with shea butter, D-panthenol, collagen, amino acids and other useful components flatten hair cuticle scales strengthen the structure will create the protective layer. It eliminates static electricity, so that the hair will be docile and smooth. After applying the mask, even with the simple styling will look like after a visit to the salon. Blondes should choose a thermal mask Blonde with tinted effect.

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3. Keratin

How do I know what is missing your hair

More than 80% of the hair keratinous protein keratin, the rest - Moisture, lipids and nutrients, as well as a pigment. Completely rule we can not damage hair, so it remains to work to restore and bring the keratin from the outside.

If your hair is whipped and broken along the entire length, were subjected to staining, it is necessary to try something more than home care. Quick and effective result gives hair a deep reconstruction procedure by brand L'ANZA, which can be done in the salon Empathy Studio, as well as other concept salons L'ANZA. It is aimed at healing deep hair due to a cocktail of powerful active ingredients.

It includes the necessary hair keratin amino acids and a unique blend of mineral-rich acids, kukui oils, lavender, Tamanu, Macadamia, juice of aloe leaves and extracts of seeds and lemon dymyanki. The procedure takes less than 30 minutes and with one application will return the hair its natural state, strength, shine and elasticity. Suffice it to repeat such care a couple of times a month, since the procedure is the cumulative effect. register for procedure

4. Vitamin B 12 and iron

How do I know what is missing your hair

One of the first and the most obvious signs of a lack of vitamin B 12 and iron - hair loss. Lack of these substances bad influence on the state of red blood cells that carry oxygen to the tissue.

If your hair is rapidly leave your head - most importantly, do not panic. Follow the diet: the diet should be high in protein. Take multivitamin supplements and B12, vitamin C, copper, selenium, zinc, amino acids.

How do I know what is missing your hair How do I know what is missing your hair

Safeguard your hair special care. Try Chinese mask for the treatment of hair loss. It is 70% of ginger root - a source of B vitamins, retinol, calcium, zinc, amino acids and mineral acids.

The active component of ginger - gingerol - provoking heat and burning sensation on the scalp, thereby increasing blood flow and eliminating the main cause of hair loss - lack of nutrition.

This mask significantly accelerate the growth of hair, normalizes the sebaceous glands and stop loss.

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How do you know what elements are missing your body

How do I know what is missing your hair

Check that it is not enough to your body, it is possible for the hair, surrendering them to spectral analysis. It shows the whole picture of the chemical composition of the body, including toxic substances, mineral deficiencies, metabolic rate, malfunction of the thyroid gland, nervous system disorders, inflammation and susceptibility to diabetes.

Such an analysis allows us to see the deeper problem than a blood test, because it is purified in the body for a day, and the hair retain the accumulated elements for weeks. Using it you can prevent the occurrence and development of diseases. Even if the healthy lifestyle it is impossible to eliminate the negative impact on the body of bad ecology and stress. Therefore to pass the spectral analysis of the costs each. Make a mineralogical analysis of hair can be in two steps: giving up the sample in the lab or send it in the mail and you receive a detailed report within 14 days.

The graph shows mineralogrammy calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron, zinc and many other elements necessary for the correct functioning of the organs. The study will make it clear whether there is somewhere in excess fat and toxins from the public should get rid of.

Report write in an accessible form with detailed decoding and interpretation. According to the finished result physician will be able to choose the right food, and tell how to adjust your way of life. A comprehensive analysis will help to take the right measures to avoid problems with the skin, the nails, the intestines, and keep all body functions are normal.

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