How to choose the decorations, if you love minimalism

There is a type of girls, whose presence is almost imperceptible: a basic wardrobe, light make-up and a complete lack of ornamentation. These girls will not attract your attention in the crowd, just because it does not shine in the sun overflow gold and diamonds. They also do not squeak, passing through a metal detector, and the roar of the steel is not spread on their movements. Fashionable creed of these girls - the simpler the better. But I believe that to deny yourself the pleasure to wear jewelry every day - simply absurd, and today I'll show you how to pick up decorations for everyday wear so as not to go beyond the minimalist.

Collect stylish images - is half the battle, but to find jewelry that would be perfect for any member of the base of the wardrobe, I helped the brand LuckyPlane.

1. Suspension

How to choose the decorations, if you love minimalism

Minimalistic pendant I liked the fact that it is possible to add the simplest basic dress, giving the image of lightness and femininity. This season we expect a parade of wicker shoes and bags, and simple-avosek flying styles, so the simpler the accessory, the better.

From what to wear: My favorite option - a cut on the back and a chain which has been started by the line of the spine, so that the image at the same time modest and sexy. In any case, a long suspension requires a deep neckline, so try to wear it with a blouse with a smell in the French style, or with a simple cotton dress with an open back. Shoes and bag choose according to trends.

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2. The ring

How to choose the decorations, if you love minimalism

The ring is good because it does not require special treatment. Typically, this element symbolizes something: engagement, anniversary, or recalls the promises of your former and has nothing to do with what kind of clothes you choose. Take off with all these vestiges of the past and the breakdown of the silver ring handmade by LuckyPlane. If you do not recognize or earrings or bracelets or pendants, trim ring can make the image more romantic.

From what to wear: Total-denim - a combination which this season has to try each. In this way much of French chic and a charming simplicity that I am almost ready to call it a staple in the summer wardrobe.

All you need - a quality jeans pleasant shade (no Varenkov, God forbid), bright silk handkerchief, and, of course, the bag-basket - accessory from the purchase of which you will not get more than an excuse "we did not find." Believe me, they are now sold everywhere. In this ensemble textures will fit well into the ring with the symbol of travel and ambitious desires.

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3. Bracelet

How to choose the decorations, if you love minimalism

I am a big fan of simple wardrobe in my closet to find the bright colors and extravagant things. But I can not give up the floral prints, and you do not advise. I was told that this spring should not wear clothes with small wildflowers in conjunction with the basic things, and if you are looking for a suitable accessory, then take the bracelet.

From what to wear: A bright skirt with flowers and a plain white T-shirt - a combination that'll never let you down. Add to the image of elegant stiletto pumps or plain white sneakers, denim and little minimalistic bracelet that will remind about holidays.

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4. Earrings

How to choose the decorations, if you love minimalism

Earrings - decoration versatile because it can complement any look, add romance simple clothes, turn everyday onion in the evening and even draw attention to your face. But if you're not a fan of volume clips or shandalerov, then abandon the accessories is not worth it. Stud earrings hand-made, which I found in LuckyPlane, fine if you decided this spring to stay a little Lolita. From what to wear: One of the sexiest textures this season - it's crochet, lace from cotton thread. Remember beautiful grandmother's cloth that decorated the old piano, or as a stand for a vase of flowers? If you see a top or a dress from this fabric, take it without hesitation.

I suggest wearing minimalist earrings with topom just crochet, shorts and a light jacket with stripes. Choose light colors and styles of mini to add the image of immaturity. In these clothes can be on the job, and on a date, and even on secular reception.

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All of the simple yet elegant handmade jewelry you can find in the online store LuckyPlane. This brand has positioned itself as a manufacturer of jewelry for people in love with the sky - a symbol of lightness of being, reverie and adventurism. Here you can order the ornaments of gold and silver, accessory kits, brooches and even cuff links. Brand guarantees quality, prompt delivery to anywhere in Russia and even abroad, and the box with a beautiful design allow the airplane to present a charming and even as a gift.

So get dressed stylishly, even if in your closet at least the trend of things, and do not forget: jewelry - best friends of any wardrobe.