8 ways to keep hair clean longer

8 ways to keep hair clean longer

Healthy hair a couple of centuries ago, were a sign of a decent man, and demonstrated his overall well-being. Sychas times if changed, not only in this respect: when your hair lush and bright - it still means that you are full of strength and energy. Each person has different hair types, and therefore care for them must be different. Someone is washing your hair once a week, some prefer daily routines, but the main thing - to such care suits. In addition, there are several ways to keep hair clean as long as possible, and it does not require large financial investments.

1. Change the water temperature was

8 ways to keep hair clean longer

Few people paid attention to the temperature of hair when washing hair. In winter, it would be desirable to transform the bathroom into a bath, in the summer you usually take a refreshing shower. Remember that the hot water opens the cuticle of the hair, and cold seals, and selects the temperature under your hair type, for example, oily hair be sure to wash in warm water.

2. Choose the right shampoo

Resist the urge to buy a remedy for all hair types, however was not promoted this brand. For each type of hair has a special shampoo: Dry hair needs serious care and mitigation, while oily hair should be regularly washed by excess oils. And to keep the brightness of the dyed hair tresses need a deep cleaning every hairs.

3. Do not rush to

8 ways to keep hair clean longer

Before applying the shampoo on the hair, pour it on your hands and mix with warm water. Use very little money - the size of a coin. And only after it will begin to change in the texture, apply it on the hair itself in a circular motion.

4. Stretch rinse

You need to spend much more time rinsing than shampoo. It is extremely important that the hair no residuals left, because it will lead to the loss of curls shine. In addition, the dried hair products can cause irritation, allergies, and even dandruff.

5. The seals texture

8 ways to keep hair clean longer

to retain moisture within each hair well conditioned. Be sure to add it to your usual beauty routine and rinse hair with cold water after washing.

6. Prepare for training in advance

If your hair is prone to fat content, it is OK to use dry shampoo before an intense workout that will help absorb sweat secreted. But after the class to use dry shampoo is absolutely useless.

7. Plan hairstyles

8 ways to keep hair clean longer

Instead of every day go to work with the same hair, alternating different styles. Lush hair on Monday, loose hair, on Tuesday, a high ponytail on Wednesday. Do you want to add volume - twist hair into one lump, and dissolve before exiting. By the way, "raised" hair always looks visually cleaner, so try it means for the length of their roots.

8. Follow pillowcases

When you come home after a long day, all you want - good night's sleep. But pay attention to whether your pillow is ready to to meet up with the hair. Wash it at least twice a week to prevent bacteria growth. Also you can choose a special satin pillows, especially if you have a dryish hair - satin perfectly retains moisture and does not absorb it.