9 beauty hacks for those who do not like to waste time

They say if the girl has coped with liquid eyeliner, then she can handle anything. But what if the arrow - just not yours? For someone counts 20 new shades of lipstick from the MAC, and someone is going to make so much effort to look attractive to strangers on the street. Here are some tips for those who would prefer not to worry about your hair and makeup, in principle, for those who sometimes do not have time for a full meykap.

1. Use a multifunctional products

9 beauty hacks for those who do not like to waste time

In the first place, the surrounding people pay attention to the color of your face - before the brightness of the cheeks evaluated bride, and dark circles under the eyes symbolize bad family wealth. Do not think about konturinge, pick up tool, which contains the properties of moisturizing and toning creams, and also has an SPF of at least 20. So your skin retain natural moisture and will be protected from the environment.

2. twirled eyelashes

Curved eyelashes give your vigor mind will help to emphasize the shape of the eye and will add expressiveness in general. You can use the special curling iron that will form the correct bend in the second. In addition, this method is perfect for those who can not use ink during allergy season, or inflammation of the eye.

3. Sushi hair properly

9 beauty hacks for those who do not like to waste time

It is tempting to roll your hair in a towel after a shower, and then just let them dry in the air? It turns out that without a baking you are causing great harm to the hair than you think, especially if you do not spend preparatory work.

Remember that a towel with their weight can pull the roots of your hair, so hair stylists do not recommend wearing these turbans. It would be better to use a special moisturizing spray fluid that will comb the hair without damaging them.

4. Try beach waves

You do not need a hair dryer, and a special tool for laying - enough to properly put your hair before going to bed. Here is a simple tutorial that will help you figure out how to cope with unruly hair.

5. Choose your hat

Hat - the secret weapon of every girl. Choose one that will emphasize your face, carefully paying attention to styles and colors. Bonus: you can skip a day of washing your hair without compromising around the image.

6. Use anti-acne patches

Once clean the skin, few antibacterial Stick patches on the manifestations of acne. Most often, such patches are available cosmetic companies in a variety of formats and can reduce both mild redness and severe inflammation. Beauticians recommend to use this tool before going to sleep to the active substance has had time to absorb.

7. Stop underestimate the power of the lips

9 beauty hacks for those who do not like to waste time

Even if you do not have time to make up tired eyes, you can get a minute bright image, tasting red lipstick or Tinta - pigments, which have a high resistance. In the latter embodiment for the application need not execute contour pencil, quite a few drops on the center of the lips for natural bright color.

8. Find the right haircut

If the folding is time consuming and it infuriates you - maybe you should take another haircut. Landmark on the type person and takes into account the condition of your hair and look for inspiration from celebrity stylists.

9. Take care of your skin

9 beauty hacks for those who do not like to waste time

If you do not like to apply make-up or do not have time to paint every morning - make sure you at least have a good "source material". Look for a suitable skin care system that will appeal to you and will help restore your face brightness. Adjust the power supply so as to avoid the emergence of new inflammation, and make the skin firm and elastic.