What to do if you can not find your style

"All our repainting, hairstyle and clothes - is to find his confidence. Confident girl - happy girl! It's like a magnet for all good "

What to do if you can not find your style

Clothing reflects not only what you feel inside, but can quite literally determine how you live. There is nothing wrong to love clothes with all his heart, to express themselves at the expense of color and style and have fun, tacking among the trends. But the big problem that I face - search for individual style. This time, I do not propose to improvise and seek advice from professional stylists who know how the psychology of selection of clothes. One such Olga Smith - founder of online schools in style and good taste, and the author of the course called "My Style", which I'll tell you.

1. Study the figure

Despite the fact that street fashion tells us to "Put on whatever you want! Combine incongruous! ", It's worth figuring out what kind of clothes sitting on well with thee, and that it is better to donate to the needy. To do this, you need to know the features of its shape and appearance that you would like to implement. It is a question of complex information: to what typecasting yourself include, what are its characteristics, what weaknesses and how best to stress with the help of clothes. It is dedicated to the first stage of the course "My Style." The program includes the analysis of the appearance of a particular client, types of figures and their interaction with the clothes. After the theoretical material is passed, you will learn drawing the bow, which is right under your appearance: shape, face shape, hair style.

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2. Learn how to combine colors

Black has always been part of my DNA: I wear black clothes, when you have nothing to wear when you want to feel comfortable, or when not sure what color to diversify your wardrobe. Nevertheless, the color - an important component of stylish autfita. If you learn to understand the shades of color to find solutions that will not only look good together, but also suited to the color of your skin, eyes and hair, you can radically transform your everyday style.

Tips for coloristics, color management and its characteristics are also waiting for you at the first stage of the program.

3. Define your goals

What to do if you can not find your style

The main reason why you can not feel comfortable, even luxurious clothes - the wrong goal. Each event must have its own way, and realistic expectations from him. I'm not going to work in a cocktail dress (except for corporate), but I will feel uneasy if the wedding of my friend on me will be a favorite pair of jeans and a white T-shirt. Through training courses on the style, you can learn to make the right bows, to deal with the way the look is appropriate in different situations, and how to choose makeup and hairstyle to a particular image.

4. Choose the right accessories

What to do if you can not find your style

Coco Chanel loved artificial pearls and wore it so that she was always its fame as one of the most elegant women. In this case, the Great Mademoiselle preferred Casual and comfortable clothes luxurious shaped his time. Hence the conclusion that the best accessories emphasize individuality: here you can show imagination and character.

In order not to overload the image of jewelery or, conversely, do not leave unfinished bow, need to learn the basic rules of selection of decorative elements. In the second stage of the course "My Style" the focus is just on the end of the image. You tell, what accessories should be every girl, what kind of things no longer are, how to choose the perfect bag and always be the original.

5. The approach to the usual things unconventionally

Aerobatics individual style - the ability to turn simple things into their own statements. This art has Jane Birkin bag with the famous baskets, Chanel and her black dress, our contemporary Jeanne Damas and her French chic. To learn how to see in the usual stylish details, you need a good understanding of how to choose clothes, which one is right for you, and present clearly what messedzh you want to convey to the world.

What to do if you can not find your style What to do if you can not find your style

Online course on "My Style" - this is for you if:

  • You are not satisfied with the way you look
  • Do you love to shop, but you always have nothing to wear
  • You have a large wardrobe, but things do not fit together any style or color
  • You want to feel comfortable in any event
  • Do you want to change your life for the better

The third flow rate kicks off June 4 2018. The program is designed for 3 weeks, in each of which 5 lessons, consultation itself Olga Smith and homework. If you keep spending money on new clothes, but still not satisfied with his wardrobe, it is worth reviewing investment and enroll in the course, as it will pay off at the first shopping.

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