7 Ways to cope with sunburn

It can happen to anyone - it would seem, just for a moment looked out from under the umbrella or take a stroll to the park, but before she could get a sunburn. Red spots, aching pain - all of which can be unbearable, if not to take a few things:

1. Keep the water balance of

7 Ways to cope with sunburn

The best advice for your summer tan - to maintain the necessary level of hydration, as evidenced by the dermatologist Jody Devin. Moist should be not only the skin, it is important to maintain a balance within. For this summer, you should increase your daily intake of water, and this is an excellent opportunity to learn new recipes for drinks. Fresh smoothies and help stimulate collagen production, which means that as much as possible to restore the elasticity of the skin faster. In addition, you can change your diet, add to it a more fresh fruits rich in antioxidants.

2. Take ibuprofen

To relieve the symptoms of burns, take ibuprofen or its analogs every eight hours. It acts as an anti-inflammatory agent that prevents swelling, excessive flaking, itching, and fever, which may arise from a burn. It can not take more than three days, but during this time with proper care all the symptoms of irritated skin should leave.

3. Apply a caregiver means

7 Ways to cope with sunburn

After your skin to get a tan, it usually feels quite hot. To help get rid of the heat, use a gel based on aloe vera or other cooling products. Perfectly suited yogurt agent or pharmaceutical hydrocortisone. If these in your purse right now is not found by studying the composition of other means - you useful ingredients such as soy and oatmeal to soften and protect the skin. At the same time, any flavored product, on the contrary, should be postponed until better times.

4. Take cold showers

If you want to avoid even greater damage to the skin, try to do without swimming in any hot water. During the recovery period should, in principle, to reduce the bath and use a cool shower.

If possible, give up the use of towels - its tough fibers may irritate the skin and lead to additional flaking.

5. Do not use soap

7 Ways to cope with sunburn

The detergent-based soap all substances may aggravate the situation with your burn, desiccate the skin. Use gels which do not contain any surfactants as well as avoid any harsh cleaners.

At the time of recovery is not necessary to make a mask for the face, apply anti-aging products, toners or eksfollianty - this will only increase skin irritation. Also, you should resist the inner desire to hide the redness by a foundation - it also does not bring any benefit and only stretch the recovery process.

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6. Think of LED processing

If all these methods do not help, it makes sense to think about the low-level LED treatment. Some SPA-salons offer this service in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures. Blue light helps protect from germs on the skin surface and the red - it helps stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Most often these procedures are carried out in special capsules, with something resembling a camera in the solarium, but their effect is much more useful.

7. Use loose clothing

7 Ways to cope with sunburn

On the recovery makes sense to reconsider your wardrobe and use loose clothing. If you have received the most damage your shoulders - at a time give up the use of bra straps. Try synthetic fabrics - nylon and polyester, which will keep your skin cool, or even pass on to a sporty style, as long as the skin is restored. Do not forget about the need to use sunscreen, even after you get burned, and to prevent new damage.