4 Easy Ways to grow hair

4 Easy Ways to grow hair

On average, our hair grow centimeter per month, which is more dependent on genetics, but in our hands all the same it is possible to speed up this process.

In order to achieve faster hair growth, it is necessary to understand how this process occurs. Each hair grows from a follicle, and, depending on the genetic characteristics, your head may be from 90 to 150 tysyach follicle.

Follicles - Skin bodies that help to develop and grow their hair. The blood from the blood vessels in the skin of your head nourishes the root, which appears in the follicle, and therefore creates more cells. The better stimulates the production of the faster growing your hair. Total production of the hair goes through three phases:

  • Anagen or growth phase

    It is the most active phase, during which the hair appears on the surface of the skin and continues to grow. The longer hair remains in this phase, the longer they will evolve, and although it all depends on genetics, it can last from two to six years.

  • Catagen

    The transitional phase, during which the follicle shrinks and ceases to nourish the hair. Cells stop dividing and begin rogovet.

  • Telogen

    resting phase, during which the follicle is inactive, and the hair simply is secured in place. Depending on the strength of the roots, he may, through some time to soften, and hair just fall out, and in its place begins to grow a new one.

The majority of all the means to accelerate the growth of hair aimed precisely to extend the anagen phase, and all the beauty products used to keep the hair in the telogen. In general, if you dream about long hair, you should pay attention to all the ways and use them comprehensively.

1. Eat foods rich in biotin

4 Easy Ways to grow hair

Biotin, or vitamin H, it is included in the composition of vitamins B, which helps convert food into fuel for energy. It stimulates the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and amino acids, which, in turn, are the building blocks for the construction of protein bonds. In addition to hair growth as you get stronger nails and eyelashes.

Diversify your usual vitamins brewers yeast - just 1 tablespoon at a plate of vegetables. Reducing consumption of dairy products, particularly cheese, and wheat, and any derivatives, to reduce risk of inflammation.

Most importantly - avoid the harmful programs or starvation unusual strict diets. Any radical change in diet weakens the follicles and thus lead to hair loss.

2. tones the scalp

4 Easy Ways to grow hair

The most important aspect of healthy growth of hair - scalp vitality. It is maintaining it in good shape and the absence of inflammation - a key factor for the rapid growth of hair. Flaking and redness easily overlooked, because the surface is hidden beneath the hair. However, the scalp is very exposed to the elements, which fall on it.

On average, for the normal functioning of the scalp is only two-three washes per week - this is enough to preserve the natural flora of the skin and does not disrupt the volume of production of sebum.

It should pay more attention to what they write on the labels of shampoos, conditioners and styling products. They must be manufactured exclusively from lathering agents, oils and perfumes and do not contain chemicals. Any other means can lead to inflammation, increased sebum production, clog the pores and the hair folikullam harm. It will be useful to do head massage to stimulate blood circulation: for this you need any invigorating essential oil. Apply a few drops to the scalp and massage gently. Covered her head with a warm towel and leave for a few minutes, so that the steam is circulated over the entire surface.

In addition, you can try the inverted asanas or simple slopes every day, which will also increase blood flow to the head, and thus stimulate the glands work.

3. Avoid hair breakage

4 Easy Ways to grow hair

Use a wooden comb to massage the scalp, ridding it of excess natural oils and transfer them to the ends to save the hair moisturized.

Make sure that you washed your hair with cool water - cooler temperatures allow the pores to close, which means that it will also help keep the moisture of the hair. Do not forget to use thermal oil to protect it from damage during drying and heat styling, and do not rush to comb wet hair, so as not to damage the ends.

Make sure that the rubber bands and hair clips to which you gather your hair, do not pull them too tight. Do not skip haircut - because regular trimming split ends allows you to avoid exacerbating the problem.

4. Check for diseases

4 Easy Ways to grow hair

If there is redness, ingrown hairs or dandruff on the scalp - it means the skin is inflamed. Split ends and it is not necessary to write off a cosmetic problem, it is likely that it is also a disease. It is best to consult a specialist, namely a trichologist. It will help to determine what the cause is not only slow growth but also strong hair loss while washing and combing. Can be screened in the clinic "VASHTRIHOLOG. Russian Federation ", which offers diagnosis and treatment of problems with hair, nails and skin. Clinic specialists will conduct inspection, to establish a diagnosis, appropriate treatment will select for you, and at the end will recommend all the necessary recovery tools: shampoos, balms's Skin and skin care products.

Treatment takes place under the supervision of a certified dermatologist-trichologist Maxim Klyukina.

Visit the clinic can be in St. Petersburg, or to make an online consultation, where experts will choose a convenient way of treatment for you.

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