Bite Beauty: Lipstick on your zodiac sign

Bite Beauty: Lipstick on your zodiac sign

Back in January of this year, an independent Canadian brand Bite Beauty announced the release of a new limited edition lipsticks, based on the circle of the zodiac constellations. Each month in the arsenal of the brand has a new exclusive color, corresponding to a particular zodiac sign.

The first of the 12 shades of lipstick on sale "Aquarius" luxury berry shades for Aquarius - creative and resourceful leaders, seeking to quench their thirst of knowledge.

"Pisces" - a muted peach lipstick shade is perfect for dreamy and prominent representatives of this zodiac sign, possessing infinite imagination and boundless inner world.

Since Aries is ruled by Mars and is a fire sign, Bite Beauty decided to create a fiery orange-red shade "Aries", attracting everyone's attention. Lipstick is complementary to the third line of the zodiac lipsticks, it is brighter than the previous peach and berry shades.

Taurus - earth sign, ruled by the planet Venus love. Sleepy, sensual Taurus in love with everyday luxury: flowers, chocolates and other exquisite things necessary in the life of beauty lovers. Lipstick "the Taurus" shade tea rose creators describe as "white chocolate rose hue." "Geminis" - for non-permanent lipstick, cheerful and playful twins: one side has a distinct shade of red, the other - warm nyudovy. According to the brand, the lipstick is perfect for members of the air sign, under the influence of Mercury, the planet of mental activity, communication and intellectual energy.

Cancer is one of the most sensitive and mysterious signs of the zodiac, it is dreamy and has good intuition. At lipstick "Cancer" - neutral pink, but still seductive shade.

Stellar line of lipsticks made of Bite Beauty pure bright pigments, fresh citrus and vegetable oils comprises innovative formula based resveratrol antioxidant having anti-aging properties. Lipstick is semi-matt creamy texture and is more like a lightweight balm. To create individual colors for each sign of the zodiac, experts from Bite Beauty consulted with a psychologist, astrologer Tara Greene.

Buy lipstick can make an order on the official website of the brand at Sephora stores or online for $ 26.