How to help victims of migrant lipstick

How to help victims of migrant lipstick

The United States is growing criticism against President Donald Trump for his children's withdrawal policy from migrant families who illegally crossed the border. The US government reports that the 2000 migrant children were taken away from their parents on the border between the US and Mexico from April 19 to May 31 this year. Cases of family separation frequent after in April 2018 the US Department of Justice announced a policy of "zero tolerance" towards illegal immigrants. Practically, this means that any attempt at illegal entry into the United States will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

How to help victims of migrant lipstick How to help victims of migrant lipstick

Provocative meykap brand Lipslut, horrified policy of intolerance Trump, decided to fight back, becoming a fund raiser. From today 19 July Lipslut cosmetics will be donating 100% of the proceeds from orders lipstick F * ck Trump to help families affected by the zero tolerance policy. Kathy Sones founder Lipslut opposed Trump's policy of "zero tolerance" with regard to the persecution of anyone who crosses the border.

I'm glad to hear that the family will no longer be divided, Lipslut will continue to make donations to organizations that help families in the process of reunification, as well as those who are trying to reconnect


Lipstick "F * ck Trump" was originally created after the presidential elections of 2016. New liquid lipstick with a matte finish has a warm pink shade, its formula contains an intense pigment, moisturizing coconut oil and vitamin E. Buy lipstick on the official website of the brand for 19, $ 95.