How to choose an evening dress for your favorite cocktail

More than anything, I love beautiful clothes and alcohol. Every time in my hand is pale pink cosmo, sparkling gin and tonic or a bright red Negroni, I think: "That would be the same dress stylish colors!". This thought inspired me to a new article on the theme of evening dresses. What to wear to the prom, a wedding or a party of her best friend, telling an article on dresses in the style of popular alcoholic cocktails.

1. Cosmopolitan

How to choose an evening dress for your favorite cocktail

Cosmo - it's certainly not rose wine, but drink glamor. If the name is Carrie Bradshaw you about saying something, then you probably know how the girls are resting, in whose hands every Friday there is a glass of pale pink cocktail. This drink I associate with femininity and playfulness, so I suggest the image of a silk dress with thin straps and acid-yellow bag, as in pink you can still drown.

What to buy:

Dress, Mango, 6499r.

Sandals, T.Taccardi, 2499RUR.

Bag, Zara, 2299r.

Earrings, Mango, 999RUR.

2. Martini

How to choose an evening dress for your favorite cocktail

In the past year, Julian Anderson predicted to become the first woman to be playing the role of Bond. What was the prospect, because it looks so elegant Martini in a female hand. But once the woman to the role of the British spy has not yet approved, I offer to pick up an outfit for the most daring of the classic alcoholic beverages. Asymmetric dress fashioned from marble print represents the main ingredient of the cocktail - vermouth, and to complete the image of the accessories needed olive green or khaki shades. What to buy:

Dress, Mango, 9999r.

Sandals, Bronx, 6230r.

Earrings, Mango, 1699RUR.

Clutch, Dorothy Perkins, 1599r.

3. White Russian

How to choose an evening dress for your favorite cocktail

In the White Russian all is well: and color, and taste, and degree. He's not as glamorous as Cosmo, but the shades of brown, black and white and want to mix, but do not stir. For hot nights on the dance floor will look good light tunic dress and platform sandals that I picked up. The color scheme - the nail, from milky white to coffee-brown. Do not forget to wear a light shirt underneath, so as not to look as if he had run off with a beach party.

What to buy:

Dress, Zara, 2799r.

Sandals, Uma, 4590r.

Earrings, Mango, 999RUR.

Bag, Mango, 3999RUR.

4. Margarita

How to choose an evening dress for your favorite cocktail

Elegant dress with mini-fringe, which I picked up, inspired by Margarita cocktail - a real find for the evening wardrobe. Light material, comfortable for the length of active movements and rich color make this dress perfect for discos, prom and evening out where the hot atmosphere of promise. As a basis we take the classic drink is bright lime color and select him muted shades accessories with a simple design, because the main focus is still on the dress. It would be the best metallic: silver, pale copper or any cool shade.

What to buy: Dress, Mango, 6499r.

Sandals, Zenden Woman, 2150r.

Clutch, Dorothy Perkins, 890r.

Earrings, Kameo-Bis, 1799RUR.

5. Gin and tonic

How to choose an evening dress for your favorite cocktail

Scintillating and sparkle can be without champagne, and surrounded himself with a cool shades. For example, silver - the color of gin and tonic. In this fashion-alcoholic collection light dress-shirt fabric of flying decorated metallic thread, and recreate the illuminating bubbly beverage base. Unusual style of dress for a simple T-shirt, there's a bit of a smell and a neat belt emphasizes the waist - is immediately obvious, Gin Tonic should not be underestimated. If you want to add color, select lime, khaki or olive green.

What to buy:

Dress, Mango, 3999RUR.

Sandals, Dune, 6999r.

Clutch, Olga Berg, 5430r.

Earrings, Mango, 1499RUR.

6. Blue Hawaii

How to choose an evening dress for your favorite cocktail

first tried Blue Hawaii, I realized that those who invented it, knows a lot about not only fun, but also in style. Bright blue, fuchsia, neon purple - the color that I promised myself to use for the image, worthy of a tropical cocktail. The combination of disco Hawaiian motifs and themes - a great idea for an evening of onions in the summer. A vinyl coated dress will also reflect light well on the dance floor.

What to buy:

Dress, Zara, 3999RUR.

Earring, Zara, 1799RUR.

Sandals, Zara, 2999RUR.

Mini bag, Zara, 2299r.

7. Negroni

How to choose an evening dress for your favorite cocktail

As a fan of the French style, I could not be included in this guide is a cocktail of French origin - Negroni. Gin, vermouth, tart and bright-red aperitif inspired me to create a luxurious way with uncompromising evening dress with thin spaghetti straps and sexy neckline at the back. Bright fabric, embroidered with metallic thread and a thin lining of chiffon makes this dress truly an evening - perfect for prom, photo shoots, parties in honor of the wedding or social event.

The only thing that always bothers me when you buy an evening dress of this magnitude - it is its impracticality. Too luxurious way to carry it on every evening about. But to rent an evening wardrobe - it's always a please also do this you can right here and now in StoryDress online store.

What is needed:

Clutch, Dorothy Perkins, 970r.

Earrings, Exclaim, 1990r.

Dress, StoryDress, 2 400r.

Sandals, StoryDress, 600r.

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