5 stylish things in pajama style that is not hot

In 2017 the Russian market a new brand of clothing Nemes, at the heart of which is the idea of ​​uniqueness and comfort of each product. Its creators have decided to overcome the stereotypes of everyday life and bring more diversity and emotions not only in the basic wardrobe, but also in our lives. Together with the store brand clothing experts Nemes I picked for you some stylish things for the home and the output of the wardrobe.

1. Dress

Dresses have always been the embodiment of elegance and femininity, regardless of style and colors. For every day you can pick up a velvet dress with free brim or choose a dress made of soft jersey with lace inserts on the shoulders. For evening dress-suit case with an open back and a midi dress in the style of kimono of fine satin with print in the form of blossoming roses. Products do not cause allergies, are absorbent, breathable and is not electrified.

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2 Shirts

To create a business and casual style Nemes offers shirts. Decorated with embroidery and lace inserts, they combine well with skirts and tight jeans. This is a great option for an evening out. Strict pattern of white color can be combined with clothes any color and style. Bright cotton gracefully model look combined with pants with a high waist, jeans and narrow pencil skirt. They can also be supplemented with bright accessories and scarves. Make a custom

3. Dressing

Designers do not just inspired by the East, hence such a love for Asian motifs. Elegant silk gowns came in the female wardrobe thanks to this inspiration. Nemes offers a wide range of stylish women's gowns. You can pick up a seductive silk robe or a cozy velor to wrap myself in it after a hot shower, bath or sauna. The fabric is pleasant to the skin, retains heat and absorbs moisture. All models are made from natural materials that do not irritate the skin and do not cause allergies.

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4. Pajamas

5 stylish things in pajama style that is not hot 5 stylish things in pajama style that is not hot

To sleep in complete comfort, choose a free cut clothes made of natural materials: light bell-bottomed trousers and loose shirts will not hamper movement. All models appearing on the site Nemes, breathable and absorb moisture. In the production of cotton pajamas used with the addition of minimal amounts of synthetic or knitted fabrics made of viscose, which does not cause allergy.

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5. Cardigans

The ideal thing is to create any image - from business to romantic. Cardigan comfortable to wear in rainy and windy due to the softness and lightness of fabrics. Extended versions of the jersey with textured patterns perfect for creating a business image and will look good in combination with classic trousers and long skirts. Cardigan stylish print in combination with pastel colored chiffon will win-win situation for a romantic date, and for those who like casual style suitable contrast cardigan in combination with narrow jeans and stylish accessories. Make a custom

All models you can buy online store brand clothes Nemes. The range of shops are also represented tops, shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, hoodies, svitshoty, pants and shorts. The store is located in St. Petersburg, near the Old Village subway station. Delivery of goods is carried out in all cities of Russia.