Body Manager on your hand: how to keep health in check

In the market of smart fitness gadgets easy to get lost: every second company began offering products that are able to measure your physical activity and the amount of sleep, not to mention the wide range of shapes and appearance accessories. But today I want to tell you about an unusual device, which is significantly different from all segments of smart watches and fitness bracelets, - HealBe GoBe2. His rather be called body-manager: the thing is that he does a lot more features than ordinary fitness bracelet. Besides the standard functions and pulse measurement pedometer is a device able to count the number of calories consumed, their consumption, determines the water balance, and stress levels.

How it works

The body manager GoBe2 several special sensors integrated. The accelerometer measures the movement of your body, speed and number of steps. Gyroscope and magnetometer determine the position of the space of the body, so that the device can distinguish running from cycling and exercise on cardio machines - from walking.

Pezosensorov measuring blood pressure and pulse, and the sensor galvanic skin response - a change in temperature. With the help of these indicators of body Manager calculates the level of stress in the body, emotional stress, as well as of the overall schedule of consumption and loss of calories.

By means of the sensor device reads bioimpedance variation interstitial fluid: by cleavage of carbohydrate body expends a large amount of water, it greatly affects the velocity of the extracellular fluid. Thus, by analyzing how the glucose and other substances are absorbed by the cells may reliably calculate the number of calories consumed, and the ratio of the obtained proteins, fats and carbohydrates. All dependencies are recorded in a special supplement in the form of a schedule according to which you can build your diet and training schedule.

As it looks

Body Manager on your hand: how to keep health in check

The bracelet comes with a small dock and vibrant the USB-charging packaged in a convenient carrying case. It comes in black, and all the useful information is displayed on the LED display. The off screen consists of soft patterns, which allows the bracelet to look like an elegant accessory. On the inner side there is a golden panel, which comprises a main sensor unit.

bracelet strap is made of silicone and maximize tight to the body. In addition, manufacturers have made sure to wear it was comfortable to anyone - on the strap are many divisions in order that it may be convenient to secure even fragile wrists. It is also important for the accuracy of readings from the sensors - if they are not tightly touch the skin, then the data may be corrupted. Fortunately, it is easy to feel on a female hand - it weighs only '43

Body Manager on your hand: how to keep health in check

He does not need to be removed if you're going to take a shower or wash the dishes - the unit completely waterproof and even allows the use of immersion up to 3 meters. Incidentally, the algorithm is also able to recognize and take into account rowing exercise swimming as well as cycling. On average, its charge lasts for 2 days of given periodic syncs with your smartphone. But he charged through the docking station process takes place in less than an hour. If you suddenly forget bracelet somewhere on the table, afraid that he be discharged, it is not necessary - it will start after a few minutes to vibrate, and then turn off.


The device works in conjunction with a special application HealBe, which is able to synchronize not only the data from the bracelet, but also to work together with Google Fit and Apple Health. Altogether there are five sections: the energy balance, the current level of hydration, heart rate, sleep and stress levels.

The first section deals with the calories, the graph shows how the received energy, and money spent. calibration period long enough - 7 days - during which the device analyzes your metabolism, but after setting the margin of error is quite unimportant. calorie calculation is carried out round the clock and continuously - perhaps this is why an autonomous operating time is so small. The main advantage of this analysis - the device is not exactly forget eaten piece of chocolate, and take into account all that you can easily skip through home counting calories.

A section dedicated to hydration leads overall statistics on how much water is contained in the cells, and also helps to set up a notification that it is time to drink a glass of water. You can install on the period of time when you are normally awake - Bracelet will visibly vibrate, and its screen will display blue letters DRINK. In addition, HealBe takes into account information on sex, age, height and weight, as well as the level of hydration correlates with the amount of physical activity. In "Pulse" you can find out the average 5-minute values ​​of his heart, and as a test mode, the company launched yet and blood pressure analysis. Despite the fact that the application contains an error, the value of my unit is considered to be surprisingly true.

Sleep Function sensors implemented in the same way as in the other devices, but with the counting sleep quality. For example, even if you sleep at least 7 hours, it does not necessarily mean that you lack the phase of deep sleep, and it surely you will get a notification. In addition, the device is really different when you sleep, and when just lie there and think of sheep, as well as the graph shows, at what point of the night you slept restlessly. The analysis also takes into account the level of physical activity and stress in the past day - the cause of your insomnia is not hard to find.

In the graph of stress you can keep track of their concern in real time: the special scale marked with 5 levels of anxiety. The first - the absence of stress, the fifth - high voltage. To determine this indicator body manager considers physical activity, heart rate throughout the day, quality of sleep, and even jet lag.

To fit

Body Manager on your hand: how to keep health in check

In the light of all the received parameters you can adjust your diet, focusing on the intake of substances no longer confuse thirst with hunger, and plan your day according to the resulting stress. If you received exceeded the calories for the day - you will learn about it in real time and can plan a small training or, conversely, pobaluesh yourself with something delicious with a shortage of the daily value. Such bracelet is useful to those girls who find it difficult to manually count the number of how much they ate, as well as pinpoint the average training time. Function reminders that it's time to drink water, as well as a built-in smart alarm clock will help you not to get lost in the loaded graphics, and more attentive to their own health. In a word, for modern women who want to get more done, and to cope with stress - like body-manager can be an indispensable tool.

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