History trend: straw hat

We put on a straw hat to complete the beach image and protect your skin from direct sunlight, but do not know what kind of broad or narrow margins, silk ribbon and complex weaving worth curious story of how the most functional element of the wardrobe has become a fashion statement, reflected in the culture, art and street style.

This time, let's talk about the history of the most fashionable summer accessory and its place in your autfite.

Gods Gift

History trend: straw hat

Fashion still uses bezproigryshny option to search for inspiration - the lives of ordinary people. So it was in the case of a straw hat. For the first time a hat made of straw and bamboo was seen in the 15th century in Asia. The need to wear a hat fell to the simple peasants, working on fields under the scorching sun, but for its creation stands a beautiful legend.

Vietnamese goddess with a huge hat made of four leaves, held together by bamboo stems, descended from heaven to protect people from the heavy rain.

Like many fashion items popular among women straw hat was originally considered a masculine accessory, and only in the 17th century, this monopoly was over. Hats were divided into provincial, one of those immortalized in its portrait of Vincent van Gogh, and the women, with ribbons, flowers and bandages.

Good advertising

History trend: straw hat

The real inspiration to the public items of clothing are after they are put on a celebrity. Since Coco Chanel gave the world a second look at the vest and a straw hat showed Theodore Roosevelt in 1906 in Panama. One photo, where the president was dressed in a light suit and hat, seriously pushed the production of straw hats. Over time, a straw hat, a new design, different shapes, sizes and weaving fields. In 1955, Brigitte Bardot wore a hat with a very large fields, and half a century later, we see the same model Samantha Jones - the heroine of the cult TV series "Sex and the City."

But before you will be in the modern cinema, straw hat passed the test of the podium. In 1976 Karl Lagerfeld for the first he showed a charming thatched boater with silk ribbon as part of the collection of the fashion house Chloé.

Later this furor repeat and other fashion houses: Dior, Armani, Loewe, Gucci and Chanel with their collection dedicated to the aesthetics of China.

Today straw hat - the most democratic, pragmatic and romantic element of the wardrobe, without which it is impossible to imagine not only the beach, but also urban character.

Variety of straw hats


History trend: straw hat

The most popular in this season, the French hat with tough braided, cylindrical in shape and narrow margins. Due to its miniature boater well suited for everyday wardrobe, bringing his French chic and provincialism.

From what to wear: boater - a very simple accessory, but self-sufficient. Combine this hat with feminine clothes and flowing style. Wide trousers high waist skirt midi with a cut on his thigh, a light linen dress and bright prints. Save your base for boaters autumn wardrobe, if you do not like bright accessories. For example, a sweater and a classic straight pants will look fresh and stylish.


History trend: straw hat

This model is easily recognizable by the three dents on Tuglie and decorative ribbon. Soft field can be lifted, lowered and change shape. Theodora field can be large, which makes it look like a cowboy hat, and it is possible to find a model with a small area on the sides.

From what to wear: It is best suited for fedora wardrobe in casual style: blue jeans, white T-shirt, a simple cotton dress, a basic shirt. This model is more daring than the boater, so too do not romanticize. In autumn wear a fedora with a jacket or suit two.

Panama and wide field

History trend: straw hat

This season to us back another iconic style - a Panama hat with a broad, not very wide brim. Panama is not confused with other models because it has a soft structure and round or shapeless crown.

From what to wear: ordinary hat can be added to everyday wardrobe, worn with dresses, pants and jackets, but a hat with a wide brim is best to reserve a beach bow. If you want to make a real performance in the subway, then put on the model and in the city, no one forbids it.

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History trend: straw hat