7 natural remedies lavender, which is worth a try

Lavender cosmetics - it sounds good, it smells delicious, but in fact still perfectly solves the problem of sensitive skin and rejuvenates. Any product with a characteristic delicate aroma is not suitable, it is important that the composition was not just a lavender fragrance and essential oil of this plant. We found a natural cosmetics company "Crimean Rose" for you. Explore all that you need to step skin care.


1. Gel for washing

7 natural remedies lavender, which is worth a try

Lavender essential oil and provitamin B5 in the composition of the gel cleanser will remove the inflammation and soothe skin irritation. The gel cleanses, smoothes the complexion and gives additional protection against negative external effects - what is needed for gentle care.

Underlying funds - extracts of calendula, plantain, lavender, which heal the skin and eliminate toxins.

With the main objective - the removal of cosmetics, gel copes perfectly. Lather a small amount with your fingers, apply on the face of the massage lines, and good wash off with water.

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2. The micellar water

7 natural remedies lavender, which is worth a try

For those who prefer to remove makeup before washing, suitable micellar water with lavender oil. It cleans better than gel and disinfects the skin.

In addition to the herbal extracts, vitamins B3, C, provitamin B5 in micellar water is hyaluronic acid. It moisturizes the skin and normalize fluid balance in its cells. The face becomes soft and smooth. Apply the product to a cotton pad and gently wipe the face, neck and décolleté. On the skin will be feeling fresh, light scent of lavender and a single gram of makeup.

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3. Lavender water

7 natural remedies lavender, which is worth a try

Lavender water - a universal must-have for any season. In hot weather, a bottle of fragrant agent refreshes the skin at any time: take a walk, on a plane and just always keep in her purse.

In winter, lavender water moisturize face smokers with dry air. You can simply sprinkle in breaks at work to cheer up.

Do you want to refresh the face during the day, spray water at arm's length, so as not to pour the makeup.

Lavender suit instead of tonic water after washing, thanks to the gentle aroma is calm not only the skin, but also you. In addition, this tool is great moisturizes hair and makes them shine.

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4. Tonic

7 natural remedies lavender, which is worth a try

Lavender Tonic quickly give the skin a youthful appearance well-groomed and smooth out fine wrinkles. It has hyaluronic acid, which does not happen much in cosmetic care. It helps the skin retain moisture and improves its relief.

If you regularly use tonic with essential oils of lavender, age-related changes to your face does not seem a long time. Apply on a cotton pad and wipe the face of the massage lines after removing makeup and before use cream. Order tonic

Basic Care

5. Day Cream for Sensitive Skin

7 natural remedies lavender, which is worth a try

The cream needs of your skin, even if it seems that it is wet enough and so, for example, in the heat. Pumps, let it soak a few minutes and take away the excess with a cotton pad.

Light Lavender cream ideal for sensitive skin. It is composed of oil - grapeseed and almond - a complex of fruit acids, but also extracts of wild rose, lavender and bananas. This vitamin cocktail skin needs more than you do in a mojito on a hot day.

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6. Face Night Cream

7 natural remedies lavender, which is worth a try

The right's Skin Care will help you recover and upgrade while you sleep. Night cream with lavender, wheat germ oil, shea butter improves elastinchnost, nourishes and tightens the skin.

Fospolipidy will strengthen resistance to the adverse effects of the environment. In the morning your face will be rested and rejuvenated.

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Special Care

7. The cream for sensitive skin around the eyes

7 natural remedies lavender, which is worth a try

Lavender cream with vitamins, hyaluronic acid and natural extracts will improve the color and aligned with the delicate skin around the eyes. It is composed of jojoba oil - it detoxifies, and wheat germ oil - tones and refreshes.

Extract and essential oil of lavender smooth the skin and make it more elastic. Gently pierce the cream with fingertips into the skin around the eyes every day before going to bed and after waking.

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7 natural remedies lavender, which is worth a try

cosmetics Crimea is experiencing a new wave of popularity. The region has many companies and handicraft production, so be considerate and choose brands with a good story. "Crimean Rose" - the oldest company in the region. In the 20th century it supplied fragrant oil by French perfumers and is still famous for its fragrant rose water.

Now the brand has focused on preparations for the care, the same quality as the expensive Western counterparts, but at affordable price. The main line in 2018 became the cosmetics with essential oil of lavender. Crimea - a Russian Provence. There are many lavender fields, so "Crimean Rose" has direct access to high-quality raw materials.

Now the company has two types of lavender cosmetics: anti-aging and sensitive skin. It is designed to make everyday care for themselves in relaxation rituals, aromatherapy and beauty.