6 ideas for make-up every day

The trend this fall - natural makeup in nyudovyh colors with bright accents to your eyes. I want to offer you a few ideas for top-end make-up that will help you get an extraordinary way, and tell you how to save on the purchase of the right to create its cosmetics.

1. All shades of pink

With the help of a palette can be created as an easy day in shades of pink and bright evening make-up. All you need - pearlescent or matt powdery eye shadow, blush and lipstick or gloss shades of pink.

Nyudovye pale shadows require bright accents. Lightly apply on cheeks pink blush and use a similar lipstick shade. Not to lose sight expressiveness, Mark inner eyelid line or apply a thick black mascara on the eyelashes.

For evening make-up in the style of smoky Eyes you need shade two shades. Light pink shade applied to the middle of the movable century, and the portion above the crease is allocated more saturated tone. Blend the two shades so that transitions smoothly and quietly looked.

What to buy:

Shadows, Yves Rocher, 449 p.

Lipstick pencil, Yves Rocher, 690 p.

Gloss Care, Yves Rocher, 449 p.

Blush, Yves Rocher, 549 p.

Mascara, Yves Rocher, 699 p.

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2. Color as the mood

The main emphasis in the make-up this fall should send to the eye. Choose a bright shade: this summer the trend emerald, purple, blue and blue, orange and pink colors.

Pumps shadow on the entire eyelid up to the eyebrows with a damp brush or your fingertips. To enhance color intensity and resistance imparting shadows use the base under the shade. Eyelashes can keep intact, they do not require bright accent, her lips slightly enough to cover the transparent or shimmering gloss. What to buy:

Shadows, NYX, 430 p.

Shadows, NYX, 390 p.

Basis, NYX, 550 p.

Shadows, NYX, 790 p.

Shine, NYX, 590 p.

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3. Provocative ultraviolet

Cosmic Purple - the trend of the '90s - back to everyday makeup. The American Institute of colors Pantone Color Institute announced its most fashionable shade of this year. According to Suzanne Marshall, a professor of media technology Tübingen University, purple color indicates rejection of conservatism, and if you do not want to stand out from the crowd, then this is not your color.

Do not forget that bright purple lipstick requires perfect skin tones. Otherwise, purple lips only emphasize them.

For daytime make-up, pick them up light colors purple lipstick, thus it is necessary to avoid flashy eye makeup. Dark colors feel free to use lipstick for evening out. You can supplement a makeup gold or terracotta shades.

What to buy:

Lipstick, Makeup revolution, 423 p.

Lipstick, Australis, 510 p.

Lipstick, Max Factor, 720 p.

Lipstick, Dose of Colors, 1467 p.

Lipstick, Dose of Colors, 1767 p.

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4. Look Cleopatra

6 ideas for make-up every day 6 ideas for make-up every day

Extensive hands - another fashion trend in makeup this fall. You can make the arrows so that they completely cover the upper eyelid, or draw classic arrow with two thin tails. The arrows are not smeared during the day Shade little black eye shadow along the drawn line.

Diversify the usual arrows can use colored eyeliner. You can combine two colors in one makeup: apply a darker color on the lash line and color eyeliner Bring extra ponytail. What to buy:

Pencil, Keenwell, 768 p.

Eyeliner, Baviphat, 686 p.

Eyeliner, The Saem, 652 p.

Eyeliner, Keenwell, 864 p.

Eyeliner, The Saem, 750 p.

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5. The glossy sheen

Trendy this season considered a lipstick with a glossy finish, moisturizing balms and lip gloss: this will give a visual makeover lips volume. Give preference to make-up for lips in pale pink, pale peach and coral shades.

Lipstick to stay with you during the day, stylists recommend applying it to the shade on the lips slightly frosted or transparent powder primer.

What to buy:

Fluid, Gitane, 599 p.

Lipstick, l'Etoile, 749 p.

Shine, J. Cat Beauty, 309 r.

Primer, L'Oreal, 509 p.

Powder, Vivienne Sabo, 599 p.

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6. Makeup without makeup

First apply a daily sunscreen - it moisturizes the skin and protects it from negative effects of direct sunlight. You can use the base for make-up, it will help even out skin tone.

Apply highlighter on cheekbones, forehead, back of the nose, chin and under the eyebrow. You get the effect of radiance and glow of the skin from the inside. Blend tool with fingertips or a cosmetic brush.

Take advantage of creams. You can add a drop of fluid, it will re-create a natural healthy skin shine and hide imperfections.

The final stage makeup - applying reflective loose powder. With its help you zafiksiruesh pridash makeup and skin a natural glow without a greasy shine. What to buy:

Cream, ARNAUD, 1899 p.

Basis under make-up, Prisme Libre, 2949 p.

Fluid, Sergey Naumov, 2449 p.

Foundation, NARS, 3449 p.

Powder, NARS, 2899 p.

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6 ideas for make-up every day

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