5 steps to make your lips more volume visually

Those who have mastered the magic of makeup, drastic intervention in the exterior like injection or tattooing are not interesting. An illustrative example - one of the most stylish actresses Lena Russian Temnikova. Subscribers have sought to convict the singer that she "made a mouth". But Temnikova assures that business in the right make-up, and boldly experimenting with shape and volume. Heroine was a step by step instructions on how to make the lips attractive sensuality.

Step 1: Exfoliating

5 steps to make your lips more volume visually

Before applying lipstick, lip it is necessary to peel. It is desirable to do it the night before, so they had time to recover, if there is redness.

I like to wipe his lips with a dry towel to polish dry skin, but you can use the tip of the toothbrush, gently brushing his lips, - advises the Ambassador of the European brand Make Up for Ever Hannah Martin. - If your lips are especially dry, first soften their lip balm and leave it to soak into the skin for five minutes.

You can make a very scrub lips with comfortable for themselves grit. A classic recipe - honey and sugar. It is possible to add mint, cinnamon, ginger, but be careful with spices - the skin of the lips is very thin and easily irritated. Pumps scrub gentle massaging in a circular motion, then rinse your mouth with water.

Step 2: Hide and highlight

Create the desired visual effect, you can use the right makeup. Apply concealer on the edge of the lips. The upper loop, also known as "the bow of Cupid" Draw a masking agent on the lighter shade of your tonalnika, highlighter or light-reflecting concealer. This will create the illusion of a full lip contour.

Step 3: Align the circuit

5 steps to make your lips more volume visually

Use a lip liner in tone lipstick. If you want to increase the volume, sums just above the loop, but it follows that the pencil follow the natural line of the lips and creating a harmonious for your face shape. With an exaggeration circuit you need to be very careful, pereuserdstvuesh - and lips get very unnatural appearance.

When ready eyeliner, pencil shade the space between the drawn contour and the natural lip line.

Step 4: Apply lipstick

5 steps to make your lips more volume visually

You can use the same lipstick, but to increase better to take two. They must be the same color but a darker tone on the other. Darkest applied to the outer corners of her lips, and a light in the middle to create a light effect Ombre. As for colors, there opinions diverge. Previously to increase the volume recommended to avoid dark colors, but with the effect of obmre and proper use highlighter and concealer any shade looks advantageously.

Step 5: Add gloss

5 steps to make your lips more volume visually

Full lips are impossible without gloss. Take a clear gloss and lipstick applied over from the middle to the circuit. It will create the effect superpuhlyh lips. Gloss can be used without lipstick, especially this season glossy lips again pushed the mat.

Do you use tricks to make your lips more volume visually, or feel free to their natural lip?