4, a method to get rid of cellulite

Improper diet, lack of physical activity, slow metabolism, hormonal changes and poor nutrition are major causes the appearance of cellulite. Women typically store the excess fat in the buttocks and the thighs. Fortunately, there are many things that you can do to get rid of it.

We talked with experts cosmetology studio actual Fresh Skin and learned about the four effective methods that will help you get rid of the hated orange peel.

1. A balanced diet

4, a method to get rid of cellulite

The most common cellulite appears due to poor nutrition, which reduces the elasticity of the skin and slows the blood circulation. Add in the diet of more raw fruits, vegetables and fresh fruit, oatmeal and buckwheat, boiled chicken, fish and low-fat cottage cheese. Eliminate salt and fatty foods, starchy foods and sweets, sauces, convenience foods, alcohol, frequent consumption of instant coffee and black tea, and soft drinks.

Drink plenty of water. It not only saves the body from dehydration, but also helps to flush out toxins that lead to fat accumulation. Many nutritionists recommend daily drink at least 30 ml of water per 1 kg of weight.

2. Regular physical activity

4, a method to get rid of cellulite

Sports - one of the essential components of the anti-cellulite program. Regular physical activity will strengthen the connective tissue in your legs and stomach, reducing the development of cellulite. A combination of cardio and strength training to help reduce the appearance of cellulite is most effective. Regular exercise will reduce the fat content in the body, so the skin will become less noticeable irregularities.

3. Massages

4, a method to get rid of cellulite

One of the most effective tools in the fight cellulite and excess weight is the massage. Massages improve blood circulation, stimulate metabolism in cells, and removal of residues of toxins.

To combat cellulite studio actual Freshskin cosmetology offers a comprehensive procedure "toned body," which includes a vibration massage and pressotherapy. During the procedure, there is an influence on the different layers of the skin, subcutaneous fat, muscles, lymphatic and circulatory systems of the body. The procedure is performed Charm-body apparatus using neutral massage oil. Application of the device is safe, it does not cause discomfort and does not leave bruises, but the naturalness of composition of the oil to avoid irritation and allergic reactions.

Pressure therapy, lymphatic drainage massage or hardware, carries out active work with the lymphatic and circulatory systems, helping to get rid of the swelling, reduce the volume of the body, remove toxins and excess fluid, eliminate cellulite and sagging skin.

Vibromassage relieves pain, spasms and muscle tension, accelerates blood circulation in problem areas, dividing cellulite deposits, tightening and smoothing the skin surface.

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4. Cosmetics

4, a method to get rid of cellulite

In order to maintain the effect obtained after the salon procedures, use creams, gels, wraps, scrubs with lifting and peeling effect. When choosing pay attention to its composition: it must be the caffeine, seaweed, sea salt, hot pepper, citrus oil, grape seed, green tea and mint. These components have a warming effect to stimulate lipolysis, have moisturizing properties and relieve edema, contribute to the removal of toxins, tone veins and capillaries.

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