7 ways to add volume to thin hair

Thin hair loses freshness immediately after the shower, because they lack the main thing - the volume. Create the illusion of a luxurious head of hair will help correct care and a couple of tricks. Heroine collected the most effective ways to add life and ease of weak hair.

1. Use two shampoo

7 ways to add volume to thin hair

hair stylist Jen Atkin offers a taste of shampoo, two at a time. For the roots to choose the means for volume and for all - moisturizing.

Do not apply conditioner to the entire head. He weigh down the hair at the roots, so concentrate only on the ends.

2. Play with the length and parted

Do not do straight neat parting, hair brushed against the growth or backward.

Scott Ada from Larry King salon advises people with thin hair do not grow them. Place your bets on a good haircut, rather than length. Several topical ways to freshen the hairstyle we've already offered.

3. Make a blunted

7 ways to add volume to thin hair

The more layers, the thinner the hair look so cascade leave the girl with a thick head of hair. Choose a hairstyle with blunt - they are good for any length. You can cut them a little bit at the edges of the volume, but the difference in length between the layers should not be big. And remember, the shorter the hair, the thicker they look.

4. Avoid bright colors

Blonde hair looks thin and hair loses volume. Choose darker colors for coloring. Try several similar shades, then the hair will sparkle and look visually more volume. Inside, you can create a 3D painting using 3-6 colors. This technique allows us to emphasize the individual strands. Particularly impressive it looks on dark hair.

5. Correctly stacked

Do not pull the hair from the roots to the ends, and land upside down. Direct the flow of air to the root part of a top-down, then the hair will remain upbeat and smooth.

Always give a good amount of curls. For daily output clocked hair iron, and then comb.

Small fleece lift hair at the roots. Do not tease comb - it creates an unnatural mop, so the hair does not have even laid on holidays. Use a toothbrush - it will light volume.

6. Choose the correct styling

You need tools with a light texture: mousses or sprays. Careful with the number, otherwise the hair will stick together and stand hard hat. Pumps mousse only on the roots, so as not to burden the rest of the hair. If you use a varnish, do not spray it directly on the hair. Better to splash on the comb and comb from the roots to the inner side of the parting.

In your arsenal must be a dry shampoo. Thin hair quickly become dirty. To spray dry shampoo at the roots, it absorbs excess sebum, make hair thicker and bigger in size.

Avoid products with silicone - they make hair smoother, but aggravate them.

7. Do careless hairstyle

7 ways to add volume to thin hair

Tufts, tails, flowing hair - everything has to be a little careless, and if done in haste. Here again, you can not do without a special dry shampoo or powder texture to the hair. It needs to be carefully drive fingertips in the root zone.

Good option for fine hair - expired this season smooth hair. But bear in mind that such a blow can be more difficult to neglect the beam. You'll need a gel or mousse to the hair not pushilis. The sleek tail fit girls with a smooth haircut without layers nesekuschimisya and healthy hair.

What do you do to your hair look bigger in size?