What areas are most prone to aging

Regardless of our desire to harmful effects of the environment and harmful way of life can lead to the fact that the skin begins to age prematurely. In an effort to prolong youth can spend a lot of money on useless and sometimes toxic cosmetics, inadvertently causing harm to themselves and exacerbating the condition of our skin.

We met with the cosmetologist Center for laser hair removal EPILAS and prepared an article that will tell you about how to care for the most vulnerable sections of the aging of our bodies natural methods and with the help of modern technology.

1. A person

What areas are most prone to aging

Why is aging: Improper diet and care, strict diet, smoking and alcohol, prolonged exposure to cold air and sunlight - the few factors that aggravate the condition of our skin. The skin gets a different texture, pores become more visible, there are acne and age spots, facial muscles sag, wrinkles appear.

How to care: In addition to careful daily cleansing is one of the most important ways to take care of your skin - to protect her from the sun. Use a sunscreen of broad-spectrum.

A healthy diet can help you look and feel more fresh and healthy. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and protein-rich foods. It is also worth to give up smoking and frequent alcohol consumption.

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2. Neck

What areas are most prone to aging

Why is aging: Surprisingly, the skin on the neck is aging faster than on the face. If the wrong care neck muscles lose their tone, so double chin and sagging folds on the neck may appear at an early age. This stems from this - a long sitting at the computer, incorrect body position during sleep, back problems and overweight.

How to care: Do not forget that not only our face but also the neck requires thorough daily cleansing and nutrition. Use foam for washing and sparing scrubs, as well as moisturizing and anti-aging creams. To avoid the appearance of wrinkles, give up the high pillows, watch your posture and do exercises for the neck.

3. The neckline

What areas are most prone to aging

Why is aging: neck skin also aging rapidly - it is very gentle, sensitive and thin. It needs to be cleaned, tone and moisturize every morning and evening.

How to care: daily cleanses the skin and neck with a soft vegetable-based tonic free of alcohol and harmful chemicals. Cream is better to choose a fat nourishing and gently rub massage movements, so as not to damage the skin.

4. Hands

What areas are most prone to aging

Why is aging:, unlike other parts of the body, often the hands are exposed to the most common culprit of early signs of aging. The sun's rays break down elastin cells, causing dry skin, wrinkles and pigmentation. All this is compounded by the constant presence in chlorinated water, neglect gloves in cold weather, hormonal changes, improper care or even its absence. As care applied onto moisturizing and nourishing creams after each contact with water or before going out. In autumn and winter do not forget to wear gloves, and in hot weather - to apply sunscreen. In addition, it is not necessary to wash the dishes, clean or wash without gloves.

What areas are most prone to aging

All of these methods are simple and effective, but only if you have wrinkles yet, or do you want to prevent the emergence of new ones.

To date, the most effective method of combating wrinkles and skin return of youth without damaging its surface is a rejuvenation of the diode laser. He gently stimulates natural growth of collagen and elastin, tightens enlarged pores and eliminates irregular pigmentation and signs of post-acne, reduces wrinkles, leveling the surface and improving skin texture.

Method laser hair removal laser rejuvenation Center EPILAS safe and painless and has a cumulative effect. The changes will be noticeable after the first session, but you will see the maximum effect after 4-6 treatments. The result of the procedure is maintained for several years, but doctors recommend to spend one maintenance procedure every 6-12 months.

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