How to organize a bachelorette party of beauty

How to organize a bachelorette party of beauty

In the absence of free time - study, heavy workload, the family business - we forget to pay attention to yourself, your friends and family. Organization of beauty bachelorette party can be a nice item in your weekly schedule. Choose a free evening and invite friends home, and we'll show you some unusual beauty treatments organize.

1. Deep cleansing

How to organize a bachelorette party of beauty

Before you start to clean the skin, be sure to wash your hands with warm soapy water to kill all the germs and remove dirt. It is very important to clean the face every morning and every night before going to sleep, especially if you wear makeup, or are prone to rashes.

What is needed: to shoot quickly and carefully with leather dust and remnants of cosmetics, please use sponge-konnyaku. Natural sponge with charcoal has a jelly base, so gently removes dead skin particles and accelerates its renovation. This minimizes the risk of acne, allergies and irritations. Konnyaku will be a useful addition to your purse, while you can take a couple of sponges for a gift friends.

Soak it up to a soft state and gently squeeze. Add some of your favorite cleanser and massage the face with soft circular motions. After use sponge rinse with warm water and leave a dried.

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2. Massage the skin smoothness

How to organize a bachelorette party of beauty

Facial massage is often overlooked as a medical procedure for tired and sagging skin. Massaging your face, you will improve the blood circulation under the skin. This in turn will help to improve the complexion, and in combination with an effective cosmetic product - to solve many skin problems. What is needed: for facial massage is optional to use natural oils, especially if you have greasy skin prone to rashes. After cleansing the face please use serum to narrow pores. It includes a unique complex of natural ingredients. Sumac extract has antiinflammatory and healing effect. Drug chamomile flowers gently cleanse and soothe the skin. white willow bark extract and cinnamon bark laurel purified and pores, decrease sebaceous glands and smooth skin relief.

Squeeze a little serum on the palm and soft massaging movements rub into the skin until completely absorbed.

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3. Express treatment for hands

How to organize a bachelorette party of beauty

What is needed: to quickly bring the hands in order, take advantage of the express-mask for hands and nails. It is a pair of gloves from a nutritional essence. In a short time mask will strengthen the nails and restore their luster. Moisturize the skin of hands and soften cuticles. The formula with extract snail secretions, tea tree oil, aloe vera and collagen nourishes skin and nails, eliminating the dry and dead skin cells.

Wash your hands and pat it with a towel to remove excess moisture. Shall open the package and put on a mask like a glove. Leave for 20-30 minutes on hands and massage rub the remains of the essence in the skin.

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4. Moisturize skin eye

How to organize a bachelorette party of beauty

As the skin around the eyes is thinner and more delicate than in other parts of the body, it is less able to retain moisture, which leads to excessive dryness and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. What is needed: hydrogel patches for eyes with colloidal gold moisturize and tighten skin, align its tone and enrich oxygen.

A convenient form of patches allows you to use them on any area of ​​the face: under the eyes in the brow area and on the nasolabial folds. They help to remove puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, remove irritation, nourish the skin with moisture and smooth out fine wrinkles.

Firmly attach the patch to clean skin around the eyes. They must be kept for at least 20-30 minutes, and you can leave at night and remove in the morning.

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5. Night Care

How to organize a bachelorette party of beauty

Exposure to ultraviolet radiation and chemicals that pollute the environment, daily deals damage to our skin. To keep health and youth, the skin needs care regenerating night.

What is needed: to wake up with a fresh and beautiful skin will help you night nourishing facial mask. It comprises a lightening and nutritional formula based on an extract of peach, fruit acids, hyaluronic acid and honey extracts. She carefully aligns the tone and texture of the skin, dead cells otshelushivaya. It helps to maintain the skin in good shape, smooths wrinkles and gives skin a natural glow.

The mask is applied to clean skin before bedtime and in the morning wash off with warm water.

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6. Try something new

How to organize a bachelorette party of beauty

When it comes to choosing makeup, you want to try everything at once. You can order on the beauty-party small version of a variety of cosmetic products and experience for yourself their effects together with friends. What is needed: beauty-boxes are a beautiful box with a mini-formats of different cosmetics. You do not have to spend a lot of money, but you will be able to test new or expensive products in the home environment, understand their impact and buy in the full format size.

Usually the boxes are creams, essences, foams for washing and peeling face, nourishing serums, tonics, and emulsions, moisturizers, oxygen and alginate masks, shampoos, conditioners, serums and hair oils.

In addition, the contents of such kits can be easily placed in a camp in the makeup or handbags. It is very convenient, if thou canst go out of town or have agreed to hold beauty-party home from one of her friends.

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