Citrus Care: 4 tools that will make your skin fresh and rested

If you want your skin was always moist and elastic, it is necessary to do something more than to rely on good genetics. Follow the road, which was chosen by many celebrities. For example, Victoria Secret model Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio using cosmetics with added vitamin C to maintain a healthy complexion in the future. This ingredient is a powerful antioxidant which helps to reduce inflammation and skin pigmentation, promotes accelerated production of collagen and healing. In addition, vitamin C protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation exposure by neutralizing free radicals. We picked up 4 funds with vitamin C, which will make your skin radiant and refreshed.

1. Cleansing Foam

Citrus Care: 4 tools that will make your skin fresh and rested

Foam Air texture gently cleanses, tightens pores and instantly refreshes the skin without leaving a feeling of dryness and tightness and stimulates her for taking bioactive components of creams and serums. Panthenol, bisabolol, extracts of witch hazel, aloe and chamomile flowers penetrate deeply into the skin, soothe and moisturize very well. Nourishing complex of amino acids and powerful antioxidants triggers the regeneration of skin cells, removes signs of fatigue and returns the vitality of even the most dehydrated skin. If the foam to wash daily, the skin will be noticeably smoother and brighter.

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2. Rejuvenating Serum

Citrus Care: 4 tools that will make your skin fresh and rested

Rejuvenating Serum for the face helps to combat the first signs of aging, intensively nourishes, tones and regenerates the skin. It contains fat-soluble form of vitamin C, which keeps skin pH-balance to the normal level and removes traces of post-acne. Nutrient complex active peptides Hydrolat hamamelis, castor oil, wheat germ protein intensively nourish and moisturize the skin. Stimulates collagen synthesis, preventing the appearance of the first signs of aging induced by ultraviolet radiation. At regular application means skin saturated with moisture, it becomes more supple and smooth. The serum is easily absorbed and leaves no oily sheen. It can be used instead of the day and night creams, if you have oily skin and apply makeup for a daytime reception fixation. Order serum

3. Moisturizer

Citrus Care: 4 tools that will make your skin fresh and rested

A moisturizer rich in natural vitamin C, retains the natural moisture level in the skin, restoring its protective barrier and prevent dehydration. Penetrating the cell membrane, the cream components support the skin's natural balance and align its color. Hyaluronic acid, an extract of green tea leaves and aloe, shea butter and jojoba oil nourish the skin with moisture, restore firmness and elasticity. Protect it from dirt, smog and free radicals, lie in wait for you in the bustling streets of the big city. The cream is easily absorbed and leaves no oily sheen on the skin. Ideal for use as a base for day makeup.

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4. Nourishing Night Cream

Citrus Care: 4 tools that will make your skin fresh and rested

This cream for night care regenerates and deeply nourishes the skin while you sleep. Vitamin C supports the natural balance of the skin and shea butter, coconut and jojoba oil to nourish the skin, protect against damage and erase signs of fatigue. Like all citrus production line, the cream does not contain artificial chemicals and parabens. The cream has a light texture, absorbs quickly and is suitable for the daily care of normal and combination skin.

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All this kometiki you can order the company's website Inspired, which produces cosmetics based on Dead Sea minerals. To create a cosmetics company also uses a seaweed extract, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, vitamins, natural oils and herbal essences necessary for health and renewal of skin cells. After numerous tests Inspired technologists derived optimal concentrations of nutrients that allow the creams and serums to conduct a soft massage cell, harmoniously activating the capillary blood flow and cellular respiration. Therefore, even after the first application of cream you will see improvement in the color and improving skin tone.

A significant advantage of cosmetics is the fact that the mineral solution is taken from the depths of the Dead Sea in a certain place and on special days, which scientists calculate astronomical figures. Taking into account certain phases of the moon and stars, as it affects the biological activity of the minerals.

Products brand is exclusive, its quality is confirmed by the Ministry of Health of Israel and the European Certificate of Quality. The company delivers the orders worldwide.