5 products based on olive oil, which is worth a try

Olive oil - a popular natural product that people over the centuries is widely used in the manufacture of cosmetics. Even ancient Egyptian queen Cleopatra, along with milk and honey baths, masks used olive oil for skin and hair. Enriched with antioxidants as well as vitamins A and E, it helps fight free radicals that cause the destruction of the structure of hair and premature skin aging. We picked up a few cosmetic products based on olive oil and explain why these cosmetics will be the best investment in the beauty that you have ever done.

1. Hair Oil

5 products based on olive oil, which is worth a try

The main component means is olive oil. It nourishes and strengthens hair, protecting it from moisture loss and keratin. Helps reduce sebum production, it promotes the formation of new hair follicles and accelerates hair growth.

Along with olive it includes almond oil, vitamin E and aloe vera. Butter deeply moisturizes and smoothes the hair structure. Economical to use - for one procedure grabs a pair of drops. Easy to apply, absorbs quickly and leaves no greasy residue.

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2 Gel for washing

5 products based on olive oil, which is worth a try

You may seem strange that we recommend olive oil for face, especially if your skin is oily and constantly shines. But in fact, our skin produces excess fat when dehydrated. The more you moisturize it, the less fat it produces. As a result, you get a matte skin, with less clogged pores and inflammation. For daily use the cleansing gel based organic extract olive, orange juice, cucumber and chamomile extracts. He instantly removes dirt resistant makeup and mattes the skin. Aloe and panthenol moisturize and tone, relieve inflammation and soothe the skin.

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3. Moisturizer

5 products based on olive oil, which is worth a try

olive oil in combination with an extract of aloe vera protects the skin against the aggressive action of free radicals, preventing the appearance of age and facial wrinkles.

Regular use of the cream will restore the tone and elasticity of the skin, to give her a slight natural glow. It will always look fresh, toned and moisturized.

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4. Body Lotion

5 products based on olive oil, which is worth a try

The flavored cream often contain synthetic additives that are harmful to the environment and can cause your skin more damage than good.

Easy lotion with olive oil is quickly absorbed and moisturizes the skin, restoring the barrier. Its structure also includes vitamin E, almond oil and calendula oil. They have antibacterial and wound-healing effect, increases the elasticity and eliminate sagging skin.

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5. Body Scrub

5 products based on olive oil, which is worth a try

If you want to make a deep cleansing and moisturizing, use a scrub with olive and almond oils, vitamin E and chopped pitted olives. It removes old, dead skin cells and helps to regenerate new ones. Does not contain harmful chemicals and rough, damaging the skin abrasion, so is suitable for the care of the most sensitive, prone to irritation skin. Order Scrub

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