How to care for different skin types

There are four main types of healthy skin: normal, dry, oily and combination. Skin type is determined by genetics. However, the state may vary greatly depending on various internal and external factors which it is exposed. We decided to talk about how to properly care for the skin, based on its type, and offer a number of tips that will help you to improve her condition.

Normal skin

How to care for different skin types

The term is commonly used to describe a well-balanced skin type. Normal skin is not too oily nor too dry, with minimal presence of defects and without serious sensitivity to cosmetics or weather.

Tags: small pores, good circulation, velvety, soft and smooth texture, no acne and age spots, weak sensitivity.

How to care: the best way to care for normal skin - to monitor its basic needs, including daily use mild natural cleanser to clean the well, but do not dry up the skin. To maintain the water balance of the skin and avoid the appearance of premature wrinkles, use a toner with moisturizing ingredients and sunscreen with SPF-factor and antioxidants.

Dry skin

How to care for different skin types

are often scaly, with pronounced wrinkles and redness on the skin. As a result, insufficient sebum secretion, dry skin lacks lipids to retain moisture and create a protective shield against external influences. Tags: dryness and tightness, invisible pores, frequent irritation and redness, lack of flexibility, dull complexion.

How to care: when you cleanse your skin, be careful. Frequent use of scrub can not only cause severe irritation, but also to remove too much moisture. This will lead to dryness, flaking and excessive redness. To prevent this problem, give up hard assets with large skrabiruyuschimi particles and use delicate cleansing agents: hydrophilic oils, lotions, peels, bedroll and moisturizing tonic. After cleansing apply a soothing mask, and after it - a nutrient or moisturizer to soften the skin, make up the moisture and nutrients to nourish.

Oily skin

How to care for different skin types

Oily skin often seems brilliant, even if you recently washed face. It is most often exposed to the appearance of acne and age spots.

Characteristics: expanded pores, glossy sheen, thicker, often pale skin, blood vessels may not be visible.

How to care: Many girls think that they need to wash your face more often to get rid of oily sheen on the skin. They are several times a day using strong foaming cleansers, soaps and scrubs. Nevertheless, it can cause severe irritation and lead to increased production of sebum, which is a cause of acne. Instead, use morning and evening soft foam cleanser, toner, lotion or serum-free alcohol and a light moisturizer for the face.

Combination skin

How to care for different skin types

Combination skin is characterized by different types of skin. It usually fatty surrounding the T-region consisting of the forehead, nose and chin, and normal or dry on the remaining areas of the face.

Characteristics: butyric T-zone, enlarged pores in the areas of the forehead, nose and chin, dry or normal skin on cheeks.

How to care: for the combined skin care requires an ambiguous approach. Oil-absorbing and mattifying ingredients that work well on oily areas of the skin, can cause problems in the dry. Conversely, if you apply the softening nourishing cream on the whole face, the T-zone will become even more oily. In order not to harm the skin sites in bold, choose concentrated cosmetics with light liquid texture - gels, fluids or lotions. For dry areas, including the skin around the eyes, pick up a light cream or soothing serum.

How to care for different skin types

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