Age at anything: what if the early start to turn gray

The first gray hair - not the gift, which is waiting for 20 years. We understand how to respond to such an early reminder of the inevitable old age, what to do with gray hair, and whether or not they feel embarrassed.

Why hair turns gray

Age at anything: what if the early start to turn gray

If you just - that due to the fact that the body's cells stop producing coloring pigment melanin. With age, it occurs in all people, so gray hair mistakenly associate only with old age. Although hair may also in youth begin to lose pigment and without any anomalies.

The cause of the early gray hair may be a disease such as vitiligo, but most often to blame heredity. If one of the parents started early to turn gray, with a probability of 80% you will meet the same fate.

Caucasian people tend to go gray early, and African-Americans and Asians later than other ethnic groups.

Stress also plays a role in the loss of pigment, but this again needs a genetic predisposition.

What to do

Age at anything: what if the early start to turn gray

The facility, which can renew or stimulate the production of melanin, has not been found. So, if discovered at a gray hair, there are two options:

    • to Paint. Do not try to pluck gray hairs. The effect is small - on the site of one of the hair will grow another. In addition, you risk damaging the follicles and for all break the growth of hair. The optimal way to camouflage gray hair - coloring. Choose a color close to your natural. If only a few turns gray hairs, not strands, try a mixed coloration. Add a few bright highlights to the natural color and gray hair will not be evident, even when fully grown at the roots. The biggest problem in the case of dyeing gray hair - regrown roots are particularly striking. Seize the short-term means, e.g., masking spray. Such a measure will help to sustain a break at least 6-8 weeks between coloring.
    • Do not hesitate to gray. At a time when the cult of the perfect body gives way bodipozitivu, the decision to maintain its own characteristics, rather than masking them seems quite logical. With gray hair still involves a lot of stigma - it is associated with old age, bad condition, but it is the same stereotype as that woman have to wear a skirt or a smile. However, gray hair color is now one of the most pressing. Young girls and painted film star "in gray hair" to make her appearance special. Several colorless strands may well become a harmonious part of your image.

      Just how nice it looks gray in the hair depends on the natural color. Dark strands tend to grow gray smooth gray color and create a nice contrast from the rest. Blonde hair turn gray, may acquire a yellowish tint and do not look very pretty.

      Put up with gray hair or mask them - it depends on your own comfort. If you like yourself, there's no reason to torment paint hair. So we should not do it because of peer pressure, who believe that a woman with gray hair - "it is not proper."

How do I care for gray hair,

Age at anything: what if the early start to turn gray

His gray hair was different from the others not only in color but also texture. Losing pigment, they become more porous and vulnerable. When most of the hair is already gray, should go to the special agent's Skin. If the pigment is lost only a few hair strands and enough additional protection. Gray hair longer damaged by ultraviolet rays, so use sunscreen spray.

Hair graying best short haircuts fit. Gray hair is hard, so when they grow, it is difficult to give a well-groomed appearance. Pixie, square or elongated bean facilitate your styling and the most distant from associations with age.

What do you think, whether to cover white hair should be or should be left as it is?