7 Misconceptions About Rhinoplasty

Most people have a very negative perceptions about rhinoplasty and its consequences. After the nose - a body with a complex structure: it is responsible for proper breathing and sharpness of smell. He is also a key feature of the face, attracting everyone's attention. There are a number of misconceptions about this type of surgery. We will tell you about the 7 major errors in matters of rhinoplasty you to better understand what it represents this procedure.

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So let's talk about the main errors:

1 looks artificial nose after rhinoplasty

7 Misconceptions About Rhinoplasty

In part, but it's true. If you insist on getting your nose done like Angelina Jolie or Monica Bellucci, the result may not meet your expectations. Most likely, in order to achieve such a result need more than one surgery, and after numerous interventions nose will look like the spitting image of wax. In addition, it significantly affects the cost of rhinoplasty - the more procedures, more expensive it is. Plastic surgeons say that the beauty of the nose does not depend on a specific shape, and the preservation of proportions. In the best clinics in the world make a computer visualization of the different forms of the nose that helps to choose the most appropriate to a particular type of person.

Clinic for rhinoplasty in Korea are considered the best in this area. Korean doctors perform more than one million transactions each year and have a great experience, so 99% of transactions take place without complications.

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2. Prices for Rhinoplasty exorbitant

Many believe that to allow Rhinoplasty can afford only wealthy people. But it is not so. For example, rhinoplasty in Korea is worth 3, 5 thousand dollars. Price depends on the type and complexity of the operation, the experience of operating doctor and clinic status. Before choosing a health center is necessary to familiarize with the doctor portfolio review of the hospital and to compare the cost of rhinoplasty in different health care settings.

3. Rhinoplasty - a painful procedure

7 Misconceptions About Rhinoplasty

The fear of pain - one of the most common reasons why women refuse to rhinoplasty. Despite the fact that this operative method of surgery, the patient does not feel pain during the procedure. Surgeons perform it under general anesthesia.

Can you feel the pain after the operation - at the stage of healing. It does not last long, as doctors prescribe painkillers and wound healing agents.

Furthermore, in some cases it is sufficient to make the contour plasty nose - rhinoplasty without operation when the nose shape is corrected using hyaluronic acid injections. This means that the procedure will be painless.

4. General anesthesia is dangerous

Patients are afraid of anesthesia - namely not recover from it. Before anesthesia was dangerous and was applied only in special cases. Now doctors use anesthesia, even for minor procedures, as it does not pose a threat to the patient's life.

Only experienced and certified anesthesiologists work in clinics rhinoplasty. They expect the optimal dose of anesthesia for each patient, so the procedure is safe.

5. Any plastic surgeon can do a rhinoplasty

7 Misconceptions About Rhinoplasty

Plastic surgeons have specialization. This means that they choose a specific direction, detailed study it, take part in various studies and achieve good results. It is therefore important to choose a plastic surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty.

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6. Rehabilitation after rhinoplasty is time consuming

The healing process after rhinoplasty lasts a week. Within 2 weeks after surgery, the patient wears a bandage - a special bandage that captures the shape of the nose. Bandage like a band-aid and does not interfere with the familiar life. The price for rhinoplasty does not include the cost of the band, for his patient pays separately.

Severe physical stress is prohibited in the first 2 weeks after operation, as can provoke dizziness and weakness.

The bandage is removed after 3 weeks after rhinoplasty. The result of the procedure will be most noticeable after 1-12 months after the procedure.

7. Men do rhinoplasty

7 Misconceptions About Rhinoplasty

Nose popular among men. Representatives of the stronger sex have resorted to surgery for 2 reasons: a nose injury and aesthetics.

In traumatic sports easily damaged nose. When fractures or a deviated septum rhinoplasty in most cases is required.

Some men have complexes about the appearance even more than women. Statistics show that 15 of the 100 people who have made rhinoplasty - are men.

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7 Misconceptions About Rhinoplasty

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