How to correct hair color immediately after a failed painting

Entrust someone their hair - like jump bungee, as the master can not justify your trust. You wanted to become ashy blonde, but your hair after the first wash like a chick fluff? Or dream of caramel Ombre broke off on the chocolate highlights? Everyone dreams of a colorist that his client was pleased, but in the case can always intervene as the human factor, and the wrong materials for staining. Remember that these problems can be corrected, and here are some steps you should take.


How to correct hair color immediately after a failed painting

The first desire that arises after you discover the wrong color - all repainted immediately. Before you go for it, it is necessary to wait a few days and consult with a specialist. Now the product range for painting is so wide that only an expert can make an estimate of when and how your hair can be processed again. The probability that if you proceed with the re-staining the next day, then in the mirror you will see a mermaid with green hair, is too high, so do not rvis to experiment.

Use a shampoo

You can use the tools that are at your house to start the correction process. Using conventional shampoo with sulphates you can speed up the process of leaching pigment. From this hair will become much drier, so do not forget to use a conditioner or a special mask. But it is necessary to take into account that some shampoos can cause more harm than good by pulling too much pigment or changing your tone coloring.

Purchase special converters

How to correct hair color immediately after a failed painting

In the means to neutralize the color, you can go to the shops of professional hair cosmetics.

If the blonde turned in yellow: to use the washing purple shampoo-converters, and avoid the warm colors in the future by selecting the ashy shades tinting.

If the hair is bright red: Use the blue and purple converters, as well as tinted shampoo with the addition of a pigment with a blue tinge.

If the hair began to gray: is used toners for warm colors. Mix them with a small amount of conditioner and leave on for 5-10 minutes and then wash off.

Avoid products for color removal

How to correct hair color immediately after a failed painting

Means for removing the colors are for professional use only, and that is why you need to think twice before getting rid of their own pigment. When selecting funds based on several parameters: how many colors you need to lighten up than the hair has been processed for the last time and what the structure of the hair from the case now. Typically professionals begin with products which are removed without brightening pigment or use ammonia. Such funds usually capture the dye molecules and help to make it whiter. When using these washes 100% success rate is not seen, or it is observed when using a semi-permanent dye. For severe pigment removal professionals use lightening cream. Though it's more serious process, it is still less destroys the hair. It complicates the task that applied lightening cream must be very fast and very closely the holding time.

Use day money

How to correct hair color immediately after a failed painting

If your hair structure does not allow for staining or a wash of pigment in the coming days, and the people go with this hair color it is still not possible to use the means of sparing the day: tinting shampoos, sprays, crayons or jelly. Do not be afraid to experiment: let the color change from the roots to the tips, and the strands will differ in tones.

Such agents usually remain on the hair 1 to 3 days, but in order to increase the saturation of colors, you can use heat during application. Incidentally, the manufacturers of these agents is recommended slightly curled hair, to visual volume curls could hide staining disadvantages.

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