Beauty Tips from Kiernan Shipka

Beauty Tips from Kiernan Shipka

The new series based on the comic Netflix about a teenage witch Sabrina was successfully launched this month and has already received hundreds of positive reviews from critics. For the performer starring Kiernan Shipka is the first serious role, and she copes with the attention which is now focused on her. We collected a few secrets that are used by the girl to maintain her youthful appearance under constant lack of sleep and a busy schedule.

Do not skipped care

Lack of sleep, physical and mental stress connected with the shooting, "Sabrina", made my skin to get angry.

According to most of the actress, her beauty habits seriously changed with a change in the schedule of life itself. She now uses cleaning agents, oil and retinol to keep the skin moisturized and healthy. She also confessed his love for probiotic masks, accelerating cell regeneration.

Use light shades

Beauty Tips from Kiernan Shipka

You can easily distinguish the current makeup of those that were popular a few years ago on the overall transparency of cosmetics. But to create something bright and clear, it is not necessary to do a weighted person.

The skin should look like her, there is no coverage at all. If you properly care for your skin, and it does not need any coating on top, and this improves the natural brightness of any makeup.

Do not do fluffy eyebrows

Sometimes it is enough to use only a styling gel, and if necessary to fill the field of rare - use a light pencil. Do not try to match the tone of the natural hair, and stresses highlighter arc bottom.

to hone the ability to allocate eyelashes

If you want to become a true beauty guru, the most difficult challenge is not konturing, and the ability to allocate the real lashes and add density by artificial. Any makeup can ruin the wrong color of the eyelashes, so it should work on.

does not paint just

Even if the make-up - your favorite passion, does not mean that in their social networks it must be the main component. Some bloggers with caution talk about what brands are using, waiting for the offer to become the brand Ambassador. Remember that the PR-service are not looking for just a person with a beautiful Maiko, a multi-faceted personality, with their own interests and views. While in this country, there is still freedom of speech - express themselves and to tell their position, changing the world for the better.

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