How to find your style in a variety of trends

In a modern style there are no clear rules, but we invent them, to somehow navigate the wide variety of trends, brands and styles. What to wear? Feathers, like Prada, acid leopard sport-chic, or simply to dress in black? Heroine to deal with all matters stylish and I, according to tradition, will tell you, from which you can make your personal fashion and where to buy branded clothes at an affordable price.

1. Choose one statement The

How to find your style in a variety of trends

Statement - is clothing-statement. As the name implies, this thing is self-contained and all the meaning of the image takes over. Thanks to this element of the wardrobe you can create a memorable and unique image, as is any statement you choose says a lot about the character and sense of taste. This may be a blouse with the original design in the form of feathers, asymmetrical skirt of wool, shoes with an unusual texture or a bright accessory. The main rule - wear statement with discreet clothing: black turtleneck, jeans strict, dress casual. Have a statement-thing - a simple way to dramatically change the style and transform the wardrobe, so closer to understanding what suits you and what does not.

2. Use bright colors

How to find your style in a variety of trends

Acid colors, bright bright colors, interesting prints and a combination thereof - is the way to train yourself out of the comfort zone and added to the everyday wardrobe fashionable things. Do not be afraid of bright colors, first wear them one by one, for example, bright shoes in muted colors, unusual points to a basic wardrobe. The more daring will appear in you, the more bright colors can be added to a specific image. Do not be afraid to combine colors to each other. Yellow with brown, red and pink, purple and white. Let the will of fantasy.

3. Make the emphasis on outerwear

How to find your style in a variety of trends

If you wear designer clothes for daily wardrobe seems complicated to you, start with the upper clothing. One self-contained unit can both complete and create your style. Original coat with feathers, coats or coats with embroidery with interesting prints - one bright element - it's scary, and it can, and other ideas will appear.

4. Find a house dress

How to find your style in a variety of trends

have at least one perfect evening dress - this is a rule of etiquette. If you plan to change clothes or are still looking for their own style, start with the selection of high-quality, stylish dresses that you can wear to an important event. It will always help you if you need to quickly collect on the way out, and you have not decided what kind of image you want to broadcast to the world. Choose a dress psychologically easier, because it immediately creates a sense of femininity, it seems that enough to pick up an interesting style and fall in love coloring or print, and all the choice is made. If there are difficult to determine, the black dress - a universal solution. For duty pay is worth it and always have a duty pumps stilettos, such that any clothes make sophisticated.

Where to look for branded clothing?

We are inspired by high fashion and famous brands, but then go into mass-market and search for available models. Such a scheme is working, but it does not mean that designer clothing is only available street-style stars. In writing this article, I used the model of fashion brands in the KUPIVIP.BY, in which a wide range of branded clothing. Here there are Dolce & Gabbana, and Dino Ricci, and Givenchy. Chic model outerwear from Prada, dresses and daily images from DKNY and many other well-known brands. How it works:

KUPIVIP.BY allows you to find both new items that still have absolutely no one, and the old and proven models wardrobe. You can buy clothes of any known brand, the store specialists guarantee that it will be the original, and, if necessary, will be able to confirm this.

If you are ready for change, then pay attention to the stylish new items, but if you prefer restraint and go to the section of classic collections that have long proven themselves.

Variety, which is represented on the site will help to find and pick up your wardrobe with the most stylish and individually. Shop suitable for both women and men, as a wide selection takes into account the needs of each and every customer. Each brand - a collection of original things that are available for purchase on the territory of Belarus.

To buy you enough to do a few simple things:

  • Add this item to the basket;
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So, choose clothes popular brand becomes very easy, you have to just go to the store KUPIVIP.BY site and find the right clothes. Further work will take the shop workers who delivered the clothes of any known brand in the shortest possible time.

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