The healing power of Saki Lake: 5 reasons to love mud therapy

The healing power of Saki Lake: 5 reasons to love mud therapy

Mud treatment is becoming a popular pastime every year. For the recovery of the body people go to the mud springs that on yourself to feel the beneficial properties of mud therapy. Are no exception known models Gisele Bundchen and Irina Shayk, using therapeutic mud to maintain the beauty and health.

The editors Heroine learned about the medicinal properties available to us curative mud and picked up a few cosmetic mud of Saki Lake, through which you can arrange a detox treatment at home.

1. Medicinal properties Akvabiolisa

Cosmetic products based on the unique mud Akvabiolis preparation with the addition of natural plant ingredients, grown in ecologically clean regions of Crimea, brings benefits to the body. Akvabiolis is a complex mineral salts and trace elements that define the usefulness and value of the component to humans: establishes the immune system, acting as preservative, and normalizes the nervous system, absorb toxins.

2. Improves skin

The healing power of Saki Lake: 5 reasons to love mud therapy

The brand "your Health Formula - Saki mud" produces a wide range of cosmetics: hair, face, body, skin.

Skincare face, there are several types of products: masks, creams, tonics, micellar water and youth serum. One of the most popular drugs with mud and Akvabiolisom are day and night creams. They are used as a moisturizing, toning and protective agent. Masks with Saki lake mud supply nutrients, stimulate cell regeneration, promote wrinkles. Do not forget about the skin of hands. Hand cream provides the skin with all the nutrients, moisturizes and softens, reduces the number of cracks. Cream soap performs similar functions. It has antiseptic and antibacterial properties, gently cleanses the skin. Shower Gel Akvabiolis is more versatile tool, as for body and hands, nourishes the skin with vitamins and minerals, causing it to become soft and smooth.

Makeup remover can be used tonics or micellar water. They help to carefully and gently remove make-up, to provide the skin with nutrients and moisture to saturate.

Serum for the face with age gradation help to restore and strengthen the cells, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, to moisten, to conduct lifting and regeneration of the skin at home.

3. Restores hair structure

The healing power of Saki Lake: 5 reasons to love mud therapy

For hair care series is well suited shampoos and balms with an extract of medicinal mud of Saki Lake Akvabiolis. Cleansing, moisturizing, diet, hair strengthening after combined application of these drugs is guaranteed.

If you desire a more efficient and rapid effect on your hair, pay attention to the hair concentrates. They saturate the roots with vitamins, restore damaged hair and stimulate their growth. Besides liquid shampoo company produces soap and solid shampoo. They are used to improve scalp circulation and hair growth acceleration.

4. Relaxation and anti-stress therapy

The healing power of Saki Lake: 5 reasons to love mud therapy

How nice to take a relaxing bath after a hard day's work or an intense workout. Therapeutic mud consists not only in cosmetic formulations, they are the basis of therapeutic agents for the bath - geysers. Bath geyser cleans the body relaxes, relieves muscle tension and pain in the joints.

5. Treatment with Saki mud

The healing power of Saki Lake: 5 reasons to love mud therapy

The mud of Saki Lake has long been known for its medicinal properties. Salem on the Crimean peninsula is famous for its spa and health centers for mud therapy. Treatment can be carried out both at home and in health resorts with qualified professionals.

Therapeutic mud can help in various diseases: skin, musculoskeletal system, central nervous system, diseases of the female and male sexual organs, dental.

For the treatment of diseases of the female and male genital systems use tubes with mud of Saki Lake. Biologically active substances included in the formulation, anti-inflammatory effect through receptor apparatus reflex and neurohumoral increased by hormonal activity that contributes to the restoration of functions human reproductive system. If you disturb oral disease, then the treatment may be suitable gingival application. After their application disappears bleeding gums, the teeth wobble stop, adjacent gums thoroughly.

Dirt, packed in pails and Doy-packs, is able to cure various diseases the broncho-pulmonary system, ENT - organs, eyes, central nervous system.

Complete information about the therapeutic and cosmetic products on the basis of Saki mud is on the company's website Saki mud, where you can see the products and order all your money in bulk. Various stores also expect customers to the addresses indicated in the site section "Where to buy in retail?".