How quickly find beauty services in the right area

Beauty salons today can be seen at every step, but to find a really good, and so far from home is not as easy as we would like. Go to a new master - is always a risk miscalculate with high quality of service. The question arises - where to find a good master quickly, and it was not necessary to go to the other side of town? Heroine decided to talk about convenient online platform DIKIDI Online, by which you no longer have to go to the first that fell master or neuromuscular phoning dozens of parlors before finding a window in the master schedule.

How quickly find beauty services in the right area How quickly find beauty services in the right area

DIKIDI Online - an online service that allows for a few minutes to find the beauty master next to the house or any other convenient place for you, and sign up for the required service now. Application successfully operates in the 6 countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. You can download the application on your phone, tablet, or computer and sign up to the master without haste or tedious waiting availability.

How does it work?

1. Select the appropriate service

If you urgently need to correct the manicure, hair cut late in the evening or in the near future to make any other cosmetic procedure, use the convenient search system with the selection function of the master's popularity and the level of prices, or stroll through the categories. In the appendix you can go to any profile you liked the wizard, watch it yourself work schedule, list of services provided, their cost and the estimated run time.

2. Study Portfolio and read reviews

How quickly find beauty services in the right area

Before you sign up for the procedure, carefully examine the information on the wizard. Do not be lazy to look into the hat profile, and see detailed information about the master who is going to trust your body. On the main page of the application, you can see a section with the best examples of the works of masters of your city. Choose your favorite photos, transitions in the profile, see a list of services offered, and read reviews about his works from other users.

If you wish to discuss any details or to consult, is a function of instantaneous communication with the master, without leaving the application. And to further avoid losing contact with him, you can enter their profile to "Favorites" for quick access to the list of services and assistance.

3. Choose a wizard, which is closer to you

How quickly find beauty services in the right area

With the help of user-friendly navigation system you can find in one click wizards that you are in the right area. If you select the master, focusing on examples of works or the highest rating among other users - you can see its exact location using an interactive map of the city. Click on the button at the top of the geolocation profile and see the location of the point of the master.

4. Do not forget about the actions of

A huge plus is that the application, the first thing you see going to the home page - a list of all current promotional offers from the masters of your city. This allows you to not only spend less money on popular beauty services and experimenting with their image, but also to meet new artists, their work and comparing prices with offers of other masters, and choosing the most advantageous.

By the application of DIKIDI Online, our life has become much easier. No longer need to contact Google's never-ending quest of fashionable haircuts, hair color, or suitable for manicure ideas. Come and see live portfolio, read the reviews, select the master closer. Perhaps one of them lives in the apartment next door, and the next time you will not have to hurry to escape from work in time to get on the record in the salon.

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