5 anti-aging agents in Australia

Wrinkles in the eye area, deep nasolabial folds, raised forehead, sagging and dull complexion - key markers that show that your skin changes over time and requires a completely new departure. Heroine spoke with representatives of the company "Australian Cosmetics" and learned what cosmetics is considered among the most effective anti-aging segment, and where to order such cosmetics at a discount of 40% in Russia.

1. Anti-aging intensive facial oil

5 anti-aging agents in Australia

This anti-aging oil with a light texture suitable for all skin types. It helps to accelerate cell renewal through the key ingredients, such as organic rosehip oil, sweet almond, macadamia, Chia seeds and extract of rosemary leaves. Regular use of the oil can improve skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles and smooth post-acne marks. oil Intensive formula does not contain parabens, silicones, mineral oil, phthalates, artificial colors and flavors.

The use of to squeeze out a few drops of oil on the palms and lightly grind in his hands. Gently put his hand to the cleaned skin of the face, neck and décolleté.

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2. Rejuvenating Hand Cream

5 anti-aging agents in Australia

This cream not only helps to make the skin younger thanks to the active ingredients, it also contains SPF-15 protection to prevent further damage to the skin caused by the sun. Lactic acid and antioxidants stimulate the synthesis of collagen and proteins, increasing skin firmness and hydration. The sun protection factor to minimize the harmful effects of the sun's rays, preventing the intense skin aging. After two weeks of regular use you will notice the first results: reduced wrinkles, skin becomes smooth and soft, pigmentation, age spots and freckles become noticeably lighter. Application: Put a little cream on the hands and rub into the skin with light massaging movements, from the fingertips up to the wrist.

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3. Serum anti-wrinkle under eyes

5 anti-aging agents in Australia

This anti-aging serum erase wrinkles around the eyes and eyelids tired, even if you did not sleep well. Effective serum formula includes hexapeptides, the active components of the deep sea and of argan tree seeds, stimulating the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid in skin. This helps to reduce wrinkles and prevent the formation of new ones.

Application: Carefully Pumps serum morning and evening to the cleansed eye area, moving from the inner corner to the outer.

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Skin Doctors - brand of cosmetics based on natural ingredients and biotechnology, was designed by renowned Australian company CatMedia more than 20 years ago. brand motto: "No doctors, no needles, no pain." It produces an effective line of cosmeceutical care for aging skin, which gives the maximum anti-aging effect in minimum time.

4. Face cream with the effect of Botox

5 anti-aging agents in Australia

The natural anti-aging ingredients of cream, such as Argireline, placenta extract and aloe vera, jojoba oil, shea and grapefruit, may be called "natural Botox" - they help enhance the production of collagen and elastin, to relax facial muscles and minimize the appearance of wrinkles caused by the active facial expressions. The use of to apply the cream twice a day - morning and evening after washing. In the morning a thin layer, and in the evening use a large amount of cream and a special attention is given to facial wrinkles.

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5. Serum triple lifting effect

5 anti-aging agents in Australia

The purified sheep placenta extract and help extend the life of healthy skin cells and increase collagen production, while the blend of herbal extracts of lavender, geranium, aloe vera and green tea controls the operation of the sebaceous glands and reduces deep wrinkles.

Application: Apply a few drops of serum massaged to cleansed face. Particular attention is paid to the forehead, nose, chin, cheeks and neck.

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Brand Lanopearl, established in 1995, produces an innovative anti-aging cosmetics, designed to strengthen, repair and renewal of skin cells. It is composed of environmentally friendly vegetable ingredients, peptides, nano-particles and stem cells. All brand products undergo strict quality control, so safe for even the most sensitive skin.

All these anti-aging agents can be ordered on the website of ' Australian Cosmetics ' - the exclusive distributor of brand Skin Doctors and Lanoperl in Russia. Here you will find an effective anti-aging cosmetics with optimal concentration of beneficial substances to the skin: lotions, serums, oils, lotions and scrubs. Come to the company's website in the days of Black Friday - from 22 to 25 November - for the entire range of the company will operate 40% of the skid.