WoodPuzzle: gift, which is exactly like

To prepare for the winter holidays is better to advance to hurry not to run in the last days of shopping, complaining of stereotyped gifts and prohibitively high prices. In case you have a crisis of ideas New Year, we propose to consider the advantages of WoodPuzzle - interesting gift in an unusual format, which will please the recipient of any age.

WoodPuzzle - is a recipe for the perfect gift: a handful of usability, a good portion of the benefit and a pinch of style. A slight movement of entertaining puzzle you can turn this gift into a stylish and unusual piece of furniture that will not bypass the attention of any one of the guests.

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A stylish gift, timeless

WoodPuzzle: gift, which is exactly like WoodPuzzle: gift, which is exactly like

Strength and durability, as well as natural aesthetic and decorative qualities of wood products account for their growing popularity. This applies not only furniture, but also a variety of accessories and interior items. WoodPuzzle - not just a toy for fun, it is a functional work of art that blends into the interior of any space. Thanks to the stable base it can be set to ring at a prominent place - such a puzzle is reincarnated in a stylish eco-friendly item of decor, creating a cozy atmosphere of the harbor. WoodPuzzle is available in two different versions: in light or dark frame, in Russian or English.

The active charging for the mind

If you think that the emergence of smartphones and tablets pushed the puzzle on the back burner - try to convince you. Traditional puzzles are very popular among the fans of puzzles: they strengthen neuronal connections, which is especially good for accelerating thought processes, improve short-term memory, develop the ability to creatively solve problems and think critically. On the one hand, activate and enliven the puzzle our brains, but on the other - help to relax and go into a meditative state, which in practice allows you to quickly cope with stressful situations and boosts self-confidence. Another advantage of the puzzles is that they increase the production of the neurotransmitter dopamine is responsible for feelings of pleasure, motivation processes, memory and productivity growth.

Puzzles Expanding horizons

WoodPuzzle: gift, which is exactly like WoodPuzzle: gift, which is exactly like

For centuries, maps have helped us to know the world: a WoodPuzzle you can travel virtually every day. The original wooden puzzle stylized geographical map, each of which represents a separate country of Europe. It consists of a set of elements of different sizes, but do not think that will collect the card too easily: in the puzzle there is a very fine details, the location of which will have to search. For the child it will be informative and original gift, developing memory, imagination, perseverance, and interest in geographical sciences and foreign languages. You and your friends WoodPuzzle provide an interesting evening game where you can test yourself on the knowledge of cartography, recall of past travels or ponder where to go in the coming holidays. Order WoodPuzzle