What you need to know about the spirits in the atomizers

Original luxury fragrances can not is cheap: the cost of some perfume position comes to the average monthly salary in Russia. On Web sites of distributors of branded perfumes can often find low cost, but not inferior in quality to the mini-version of the expensive luxury spirits, poured into special containers called atomizer. Heroine spoke with representatives of the company "AllyurParfyum" and learned what atomizers, what are their advantages over full-length bottles and how to choose the right.

What is the perfume atomizers in

What you need to know about the spirits in the atomizers

The spirits in atomizers or otlivanty - is the original perfume, poured into conventional vials smaller. They have nothing to do with perfume dispenser, which can be found on the market or on the shelves of the small shops, whose basis is water, cheap perfumes and alcohol.

Atomizer - a compact glass or plastic bottles with spray intended for bottling and storage of original perfumes. Vials are presented in a different amount from 2 to 18 milliliters. Despite the small amount, one bottle you have enough for a long time: atomizers allow sparingly apply perfume on the body, evenly spraying a small stream of liquid light touch of a button.

Why are they worth trying to

What you need to know about the spirits in the atomizers

The main reason for which you may need atomizer, is quite simple: before you buy the next expensive perfume, I want to be sure that their fragrance is right for you and will hold a thin loop on the skin until the evening. otlivantov cost is much lower perfume with the original design and branded packaging. This makes it possible to become better acquainted with the pleasant perfume, or buy a few bottles of different flavors and avoid significant financial costs. So you will be able to accurately determine whether or not to purchase a full-sized version of selected spirits. Budgetary otlivantov also allows you to order a few different perfumes for the price of branded perfumes and change depending on your mood or the weather conditions.

Convenient atomizer mini format allows you to take your favorite perfume on a journey or a walk and use them at any time: you can put the bottle in the road beautician, a clutch or a pocket.

How to choose the right otlivant

When buying otlivanta is always a risk to spend money for nothing, and buy low-quality perfumes. Unlike the original packaging of spirits, where you can find all the necessary information to demonstrate their originality, in the atomizer no markings there. Therefore it is necessary to avoid the dubious recommendations of merchants and buy otlivanty only proven shops with a good reputation.

What you need to know about the spirits in the atomizers

In the catalog online store perfume original "AllyurParfyum" presents more than 600 perfume brands and 8000 different fragrances: Armani, Christian Dior, Chanel and others. Here you can order otlivanty or large bottles with your favorite flavors or to pick up a new one, using the advice of consultants without difficulty. The site operates convenient navigation form: all the spirits in the catalog are divided into categories. You can choose the perfume according to the season, for use, family, character, or starting from the age. If you love rare fragrances, "AllyurParfyum" allows its customers to purchase otlivanty vintage perfume discontinued. Contents Products can request a call back or through the basket. Free shipping is valid for orders of 3000 rubles, also have the opportunity to pick up the goods with payment upon receipt.

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