Hundred odezhek: how to create a layered image

Layering clothing - is not new, but every season the images are becoming more exaggerated and popularity oversayza this only helps. Maximum layers, contrasting styles and textures, original silhouettes.

We layering attracts primarily convenience: beauty no longer need to sacrifice a warm and summer clothes are widely used in the winter wardrobe. Heroine will give some important tips on drawing up an image in this style and detail plead specific bows.

underlines the silhouette of

Hundred odezhek: how to create a layered image

Oversayz ideal for multi-layer image, but even a very fragile girl should not abuse the volume of clothing. Click the box silhouette, and only after experimenting with form.

Let's start with a simple combination of which can be found regularly in the offices in the winter: cardigan, shirt.

Cardigan is better to leave unbuttoned and lock at the waist by a wide belt. Skinny jeans accentuate the legs. Top - free silhouette coat, it should not end in the same place and cardigan: only the longer or shorter.

What to buy:

Shirt Mango, 1999 p.

Cardigan Zara, 3599 p.

Belt with maxi buckle Mango, 2699 p.

Skinny jeans Mango, 1999, p.

Coat Zara, 9999 p.

Boots Mango, 9999 p.

Choose Print

Hundred odezhek: how to create a layered image

Print will focus around which will gather the whole image and your many fans. Goddess stritstayla mix of different patterns, but if you have them not there yet, it is better not to risk it. The pile of clothes is very easy to turn yourself into a crazy city, so it is important to approach combined with the utmost care. We have chosen in the yellow-black cell white coat and made a bright, but not crazy image.

And now a short master class "How to wear the dress, when the window -20". Step 1: put on the base. Thin turtleneck and blue jeans denim should be fine. Step 2: on top of all this splendor dress free throws from thin translucent fabric. Finish your warm and beautiful! Length dresses and dresses recommend boots or boots with heels.

What to buy:

Coat by Mango cage, 9999 p.

Maxi dress Zara, 2799 p.

Sweater with a high collar Zara, 1999.

H & M Jeans, 1499 p.

Booties Mango, 8999 p.

to choose things in one color

Hundred odezhek: how to create a layered image

A little more about color. A multi-layer image is itself difficult due to different textures, shapes, and other fasteners. Therefore, all the rest can be as simple as possible: pastel colors, all in the same range.

This bow has a skirt with print and almost plain sweater with a jacket. Coat, so be it, may differ, however, dark green is not too contrasting with shades of brown.

What to buy:

Skirt in a cage Vichy Zara, 2799 p.

Mango jacket of velvet, 7999 p.

Sweater with a high collar Zara, 1999.

Artificial sheepskin coat from Zara, 9999 p.

Booties Zara, 2999 p.

Mix textures

Hundred odezhek: how to create a layered image

If the experiments with color easy to make a mistake, it's texture is even recommended to mix, and the more radical the better.

Combine the thin sweater viscose velvet skirt. Throws wool coat - tying at the waist but not fastens to the lower layer viewed. Top note: bomber. Yes, sports Insulated jacket khaki coat on. Wear with a relaxed face and insolence in his eyes.

What to buy:

Sweater Zara, 1990 p.

Midi skirt corduroy Zara, 2799 p.

Coat with belt Mango, 12,999 p.

Warmed bomber H & M, 1999 p.

Boots Zara, 17,999 p.

Each layer must be visible

Hundred odezhek: how to create a layered image

Stratification - this is not a contest to see who will carry on itself more clothes. Each bow member has to be functional. If the item is not visible from under the other layers - at least the collar, cuffs, or the edge - shoot. This rule does not apply unless the underwear. It is important that the layers are asymmetrical: the edges and sleeves of different lengths, necklines unequal form. If the coat, cardigan and skirt will end at the same level - you add unnecessary volume itself, rather than style.

To make it easier to make the layers, it is recommended to use the rule 'the thinner the thing is, the closer to the body. " But it does not always work, for example, in the form of a light transparent T-shirt with Basques sits perfectly on a white basic shirt with a collar. About the same trick we have already repeated in the form of the dress.

By the shirt we picked palazzo pants with a high waist and loose cardigan. The relaxed silhouette compensates strict monochrome coloring.

On cardigan we certainly are not going to stop there, still in December outside. Ends bow of artificial fur coat, which must be shorter cardigan.

What to buy:

Shirt Zara, 1999.

Palazzo pants with a high waist Mango, 3999 p.

Mike H & M, 499 p.

Cardigan Zara, 4799 p.

Coat of faux fur Zara, 7599 p.

Shirt Zara, 1999.

Boots Mango, 3999 p.

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