What you need to know about coconut oil Agrilive

Coconut oil - the purest in the world's oil, has a delicate sweet taste and exotic aroma. It has become a popular superfudom due to its medicinal properties and the ability to fully absorbed by the body. On the Web site AziaMix we found natural coconut Thai products brand Agrilive and describe the properties of coconut oil, which will convince you to add it to your diet and daily beauty routine.

Therapeutic properties coconut oil obliged rich chemical composition whose main components are fatty acids and vitamins: stearic acid, lauric acid, caproic, myristic, caprylic, and pantothenic acid, vitamins E, A, PP, D3, calcium and phosphorus.

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Restores skin

What you need to know about coconut oil Agrilive

Coconut oil is an organic composition and can be an excellent alternative to reducing creams and lotions. It eliminates dryness, irritation and sagging skin by stimulating collagen production. Improves complexion, fights the appearance of wrinkles and premature aging symptoms. Eliminates various problems with the skin, such as psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and other skin infections. You can apply the oil on a daily basis, paying special attention to dry areas of the body such as elbows, heels and neck. Use it as a natural scrub, add sugar, honey, coffee or cinnamon.

nourishes and softens the hair

What you need to know about coconut oil Agrilive

Coconut oil can rescue dry, brittle and dull hair. It can be used every day or several times a week as a nutritious mask for hair or putting on dry ends. If you do this regularly, over time the hair will become strong, soft and manageable. The oil helps to accelerate hair growth and give them a natural shine, you can do a head massage to moisturize the skin and get rid of dandruff.

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It helps to reduce the weight of

What you need to know about coconut oil Agrilive

Coconut oil contains medium-chain triglycerides. These unique fats can help with the loss of excess weight. Because coconut oil consists of medium chain fatty acids, it is almost completely converted into energy that contributes to the acceleration of metabolism and faster burning of fat. A study published in The Journal of Nutrition, showed that people who consumed two tablespoons of coconut oil per day, lose more calories than those who did not. If you're going to use for cooking oil, it may be worth it to switch to coconut.

Improves digestion

Coconut oil helps to improve the digestive system that can prevent the development of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Saturated fats in the composition of coconut oils have antimicrobial properties that help fight harmful bacteria, fungi and parasites that can cause indigestion.

Increases efficiency of the brain

What you need to know about coconut oil Agrilive

Triglycerides medium chain, not only speed up the metabolism, but also help the brain function more intensely. Many girls are trying to reduce your sugar intake - quick source of energy - and coconut oil can be an alternative to it. As scientific studies have proven the ability of coconut oil to improve memory and brain function in people with Alzheimer's disease.

If you care about your health, monitor the condition of hair and skin, you want to maintain optimal weight around and eat useful, indulging in sweets, - pay attention to the value of coconut. AziaMix Company is the exclusive supplier of coconut products Thai brand Agrilive, so the quality and naturalness of its products there is no doubt. Coconut oil is cold-pressed to prepare healthy meals, massages and hair care, natural coconut nectar as an alternative to harmful sweets, coconut vinegar for the treatment of skin diseases - a small part of a unique product that you can find on the site. Ordering also available pieces of aloe in their own syrup, natural Thai soap, antibacterial deodorant crystal, healing balms herbal and organic toothpastes.

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