Cozy hobby: 4 useful material for those who love to knit

Cozy hobby: 4 useful material for those who love to knit

Knitting - this is not only an entertaining hobby, but also a relaxing therapy. If you like cozy knitted socks and warm fuzzy sets of hats and scarves - you can easily link their own, even if never before held in the hands of spokes. We will talk about several kinds of yarn from "Trinity worsted factory" and the product that you will be able to link from it.

Yarns - a textile thread, which is used for the manufacture of approximately 15 different types of fibers. These fibers are divided into two broad categories: natural and synthetic. The first form of animal and vegetable raw materials - wool, silk, cotton or linen. Recent - acrylic, nylon, microfiber, polyester, Lycra - produced by chemical means.

For socks

1. Trinity yarn waterfall

Cozy hobby: 4 useful material for those who love to knit

Fiber Content: 70% wool, 30% nylon

Features: Wool is the most popular natural yarn obtained from shorn sheep wool. It is perfect for knitting winter socks due to its durability, hygroscopic properties and the ability to retain heat well. Kapron fiber is a small amount of the product will enhance the wear resistance and will maintain its original shape after many washings.

care product: Production of such yarn can not soak and squeeze. So that they do not lose the shape, they must be washed by hand, and the water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees.

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For sweaters

2. Yarn Lana Grace Medio

Cozy hobby: 4 useful material for those who love to knit

Yarn Composition: 25% Merino wool and 75% acrylic supersoft

Features: Fine merino wool is taken from the withers fine-wool sheep of the same name. This luxurious, air-fiber, feels reminiscent of cashmere, is known for its water absorbency, resiliency, not to irritate the skin ability. It is one of the warm natural materials. High volume soft acrylic fiber yarn makes more manageable, flexible and durable. They are well-drawn, keep their shape and volume, hardly crumple and do not sag, allowing textured knit things fitting shape.

Care washing items with the addition of acrylic Merino wool must be delicate - at low temperature. Otherwise, the fibers lose their shape, and the article sits.

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For scarves

3. Yarn outside Moscow GRANDE

Cozy hobby: 4 useful material for those who love to knit

Yarn Composition: 50% wool, 50% acrylic

Features: The most popular and practical combination of fibers in the yarn, which combines the best qualities of natural and synthetic yarns. Wool is good stretches, not crushed, allowing the skin to breathe and warms cold. Acrylic mimics the properties of natural cotton fibers - it is soft, durable and elastic, but do not absorb moisture, which makes it easier to keep warm in wet weather. In addition, yarn with acrylic is not subject to damage by moths and good stain that produces products bright, saturated colors. Order yarn

To Crochet

4. Yarn outside Moscow GOLD GOLD

Cozy hobby: 4 useful material for those who love to knit

Fiber Content: 50% wool, 50% acrylic

Features: Wool combined with acrylic - the most common form of yarn for beginners. It is soft, porous, elastic and pleasant to use. Some people are allergic to pure wool, but due to the softening of acrylic yarn this yarn for needlework, even owners of the most sensitive skin. From it you can knit all things warm and comfortable, do not irritate the skin: socks, hats, scarves or blouses.

Care Wash products from such yarn, manually or in a washing machine at low speeds and at room temperature.

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Order different kinds of high quality yarn for hand knitting you can on the site "Trinity worsted factory" - one of the oldest in Russia. Sales also have wool for felting and bobbins, needles, hooks, needles and magazines with different examples of embroidery. Factories YouTube-channel, you can learn more about the range and updates, as well as a fascinating look at the lessons and master classes in knitting and crochet.

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