Create androgynous image

Androgyny - no longer news, every year designers in their collections more blur gender boundaries. In everyday life, unisex impresses above all, convenience. The fashion for natural and relaxed is the best combined with androgyny. Heroine will tell you how to make an image in this style. Will be inspired by the best of the best - actress, model and a rock star.

1. Freja Beha Erichsen

Create androgynous image

Freja Beha Erichsen loves black and skinny jeans. She is a prime example of that androgynous image pixie haircut is not required - just buttoned tightly favorite shirt, jeans, skinny and black coat with broad shoulders.

We offer a variety of the onion brown boots, the more that flat shoes - a favorite in the androgynous style.

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2. Kristen Stewart

Create androgynous image

Kristen Stewart loves to shock their clothes. On the red carpet it can be seen in the elegant mini-dress and tuxedo with the shirt buttoned only at the top a couple of buttons.

But today we are not interested in parade and weekend and daily bows actress - it is here that it gives free rein to his audacious character. Mixes Kristen often slacks with shirts, jackets svitshotami and complementing their shoes or sneakers on a flat track. Gray jacket, hat, beanies and sunglasses - why do not you get dressed as if you chase the paparazzi?

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3. Patti Smith

Create androgynous image

Patti Smith - godmother of punk rock, and one of the brightest stars androgynous 70s. It is easy to violate the boundaries of gender, not only in clothing, but also in your life met with the photographer-homosexual, performed in the theater with a transgender actress.

As for the style of Patti Smith - here, as in life, the solid rock 'n' roll. Otvyaznye shirts, leather jackets over his naked body. The most famous image of Smith - white shirt, tie and jacket nezavyazanny casually slung over his shoulder.

For this collection, we have chosen something more romantic: wide pants, long coat, boots with decorative straps and the main part - wide-brimmed hat.

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4. Tilda Swinton

Create androgynous image

Talking about advanced icons androgynous style, one can not forget the goddess Tilda. She manages to not just combine femininity and masculinity, and to completely erase the boundaries between them, turning into something ethereal and incredibly beautiful. Its trump card - not boyish audacity and elegance. Tilda embodies the basic principles of androgyny in clothes: discreet shades, extravagant silhouettes, minimum jewelery. Order Spanish boots

5. Saskia de Brau

Create androgynous image

Another androgynous diva from the world of fashion - the Dutch top model Saskia de Brau. At shows she is both female and male collection.

We Saskia reminded of another stylish "sexless" thing - overalls. The nice thing about it - self-sufficiency. There is nothing to mix and match. We propose to add the image of a bright boots with heels with lacing.

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Find clothes for simple androgynous images you can easily be able to mass market, but on the shoes better not to save. This style is good its minimalistic, one or two pairs of boots can be combined with an infinite number of sets of clothes.

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Who androgynous star do you like most?