5 New Year's gifts for the home detox

Every day we are exposed to toxins through polluted air, cigarette smoke, processed foods and stressful situations. If you do not clean the body in time, it has a negative impact on our appearance, health and how we feel during the day. Although there are many ways to cleanse the body, one of the easiest and most relaxing - a warm bath and bath treatments. On the Web site "Noble attendant" We have collected a few items that you can give yourself, friends or colleagues to do the procedure of detoxification most effective, pleasant and comfortable.

1. Melting salt scrub

5 New Year's gifts for the home detox

salt scrub based on natural ingredients - a great choice for gentle exfoliation of the skin of any type. Saki salt rich in trace elements and biologically active substances, improves circulation, cleans and enhances skin elasticity. Avocado oil, shea and cocoa well moisten and feed, and their constituent antioxidants enhance collagen synthesis, facilitating natural skin rejuvenation. The refreshing composition peppermint essential oils, orange and lime have invigorating effect and good tighten flabby skin.

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2. Natural spicy body soap

5 New Year's gifts for the home detox

velvety natural soap with subtle spicy flavor is perfect for everyday use. Nourishing oils of olive and coconut are well moisturize and cleanse the skin, improve elasticity and promote its regeneration. Essential oils of cinnamon and sweet orange heat the skin, remove toxins, and reduce the appearance of cellulite, and their warm, invigorating fragrance improves mood and enhances immunity. Red clay gently remove dead cells and normalizes blood supply, oxygen saturating the deeper layers of skin. Order spicy soap

3. Waffle robe for bath

5 New Year's gifts for the home detox

Stylish long Waffle bathrobe kimono-natural thick cotton absorbs moisture and retains heat. It is characterized by soft, durable texture, so surely will serve you for many years. Has two patch pockets and a wide waistband and loose cut and airy sleeves make it comfortable to rest, because the fabric does not restrict movement. Another advantage of the cotton smock is that it can replace a large towel.

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4. The Broom of the St. John's wort

5 New Year's gifts for the home detox

St. John's wort - a symbol of longevity, relaxation and physical health. This broom has a slight sweet smell and is very good for the skin: relieves inflammation, soothes irritated skin, stimulates regeneration processes and helps to preserve youthfulness. St. John's wort is effective in relieving pain in muscles and joints. He cleans the skin, accelerates the healing of wounds and abrasions, has a soothing effect and improves mood.

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5. The gift bath set

5 New Year's gifts for the home detox

If you know someone who likes to take a relaxing bath or bath procedures to carry out to please a friend or herself a natural detox for the body cosmetics and bath accessories. The composition of the gift basket includes bath towels, kilt, pareos, birch broom, scrub, scrub, essential oils, organic soap and relaxing massage for the scalp. On request, you can add tea and zaparka from natural herbs, Japanese washcloth and a cap for a bath. This kit can significantly transform the skin and cleanse the body and calm the emotional exhaustion of the nervous system. Order bath set

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