Precious gift: 8 bright accessories for the New Year

Choosing a gift of jewelry, make a mistake with the taste preferences even easier than with the size. Win-win situation - to give the product of legendary brands. Along with the jewelry company Mr. Diamond we have compiled a selection of luxury accessories. In addition, we explain how to buy them several times cheaper than in the boutiques.

1 of Chopard Diamond Earrings

Precious gift: 8 bright accessories for the New Year

The Swiss brand Chopard has long been associated not only with the clock, but with exquisite decorations. Wide rectangular earrings in white gold from collection Happy Diamonds - luxury classic. They are more than a hundred round diamonds. In Mr. Diamond you can buy these earrings is almost three times cheaper than in the boutique.

Order of Chopard earrings

2 gold necklace with diamonds of Cartier

Precious gift: 8 bright accessories for the New Year

Jewelry Cartier house needs no introduction. Our attention was drawn to an elegant necklace of tiny gold beads from the collection Draperie De Decollete. In the center - a large bead with round diamonds. Very delicate and laconic decoration.

Order of Cartier necklace

3. Diamond Earrings the Damiani

Precious gift: 8 bright accessories for the New Year

Earrings Collection Damianissima legendary Italian brand Damiani good fit in saucy casual, and in the evening a sophisticated image. The base is decorated with round diamonds, and extended chain of white gold completes large decorative ring.

Order the Damiani earrings

4 Hours diamond Tiffany & Co

Precious gift: 8 bright accessories for the New Year

Tiffany & Co Jewelry House has positioned itself as the arbiter of taste and style. Looking at the clock of the Atlas collection devoted to magic numbers, this is difficult to disagree. The base is made of stainless steel, black and white dial with two arrows framed round diamonds - more than 70 gemstones. Order Tiffany & Co watches

5. Earrings with corals of Bvlgari

Precious gift: 8 bright accessories for the New Year

Looking at of Bvlgari, understand why jeweler's called art. Bright earrings from Tronchetto collection with large corals original cut will be exactly the accent part of the image. In combination with the color yellow gold looks particularly good.

Order of Bvlgari earrings with coral

6. A gold bracelet Roberto coin

Precious gift: 8 bright accessories for the New Year

Another brand from Italy, which has gained worldwide fame, - Roberto coin. His decorations - the embodiment of Italian luxury holiday. For example, a charming white gold bracelet is literally littered with different precious stones. It diamond 19, 200 dark sapphires and rubies of two flowers cut round.

Order Bracelet Roberto coin

7. A ring with pink sapphires and opals Carrera y Carrera

Precious gift: 8 bright accessories for the New Year

Do not confuse with the Italian manufacturer of sunglasses Carrera. Carrera y Carrera - Spanish jewelry house, which are particularly fond of film star and singer. We conquered cocktail ring from Peacock collection with large milky pink opal. The stone is framed by golden petals, decorated with diamonds. In addition, the base is decorated with pink sapphires.

Order ring Carrera y Carrera

8. A gold bracelet of Chaumet

Precious gift: 8 bright accessories for the New Year

Completes our selection incarnation of French chic - a massive bracelet chain brand Chaumet. Gold 750, plain weave and no unnecessary details. This accessory looks good as a group of other bracelets, not necessarily only in yellow gold, and on his own. Order of Chaumet bangle

Why Mr. Diamond Jewelry such cheap

Mr. company Diamond is not engaged in the production of jewelry. She buys jewelry brands in the population, restores and sells 50-80% cheaper than in stores. In Mr. Diamond has its own workshop with technologically advanced equipment, so that the accessories come out in perfect condition. So you can buy a jewelry brand-name, which is different from the new only price, but not quality.

Before buying Mr. Diamond will carefully examine the product with it working appraisers, gemologists-experts, in case of doubt, examination of company books and verifies the originality of the official representation of brands. Therefore, there are no replicas and copies - only authentic jewelry and precious stones.

In Mr. Diamond have accessories in a wide price range - from a few thousand to a million rubles and above. So that everyone has the opportunity to pick up something here for yourself or loved ones. Choose to buy or rent decoration can be in the showroom, which is located in Moscow. Also, you can evaluate your product or book that enjoyed, through the company's website.

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