5 great gifts for personal care

Pre-New Year shopping - one of the most enjoyable components of the upcoming holiday. Our thoughts at this time are busy carefully prepared - we think what to give friends, colleagues, friends, and at the same time forget about ourselves. Heroine made a small selection of practical gifts of beauty that lift your mood.

1. Gift of beauty boxing

5 great gifts for personal care

Although many people believe that beauty-boxes have reached the peak of their popularity a few years ago, the number of possible content options available this year, will make you think otherwise. If you're thinking about changing the cosmetics, but do not know how your skin will react to it, or want to try something out of the latest novelties of the season, think about how to purchase beauty-box filled with a variety of different options: from decorative to's Skin Care , nail polishes and tools for the soul. The site "Sangi Style" company you can find a suitable to you or your girlfriends combination of beauty and do not spend a lot of money. Also, a wide range of perfumes presented here,'s Skin and decorative cosmetics, home textiles, tableware, cleaning products and household appliances.

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2. The innovative cream-peeling Raphitox

5 great gifts for personal care

The innovative cream-peeling Raphitox from the South Korean company SR Biotek based microneedles marine origin will allow you to celebrate the New Year with a completely renewed skin. Combination niatsiamida, glycolic acid, arginine, ginseng root extract and macadamia oil gently cares for the skin, which makes this cream-peeling an ideal anti-aging agent. It penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin and acts on the analogy of chemical peels: improves blood circulation, gently exfoliates the horny layer of the skin, reduces inflammation, hydrates and cleanses the skin. It possesses lifting effect narrows the pores and reduces the depth of wrinkles by increasing collagen synthesis. Raphitox also indispensable in the post-acne. The advantages of this type of exfoliation is absolutely painless, no violations of the skin and the ability to use at any time of the year. An unusual form of a cream in the form of a syringe can easily squeeze out the required amount of cream. Order Raphitox cream-peeling can be on the official website raphitox.ru products Order Cream-peeling

3. The Arab oil spirits

5 great gifts for personal care 5 great gifts for personal care

Arab spirits - a kind of bridging the gap between East and West through a creative approach to fusion of amazing flavors. On the Web site Perfume oil shop you can find a wide range of persistent oil from the spirits of famous Arab perfume houses. A distinctive feature of Arabian fragrances that are variously disclosed in the skin of each person. Producers promise that one day discover the wonderful world of Arabian perfumes, you no longer want to go back to the European perfumery. The site operates a convenient system of navigation: you can pick up a perfume based on your own preferences or base notes of fragrances group. Also on our website you can buy Bakhur for aroma lamps, Ayurvedic shampoos, masks and hair oils, natural soaps and shower gels, floral water, sprays, moisturizers, face masks and many other interesting products.

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4. An effervescent bath salts

5 great gifts for personal care

Natural sea salt - a universal gift, which will be the perfect complement to a relaxing hot tub after a hard day's work. It is better to choose aromatic salt with natural ingredients such as marigold, rose petals, lavender essential oil and orange or geranium. Such means cleanse and moisturize skin, improve its texture and relieve muscle tension, providing overall a reducing effect. Order a salt, please visit the company SEPHORA, where a huge range of beauty tools from well-known brands, including decorative and's Skin Care, perfume, nail polish and various accessories. Order effervescent bath salts

5. fragrant natural soap

5 great gifts for personal care

soap based on natural ingredients - vegetable oils and extracts - well cleans pores, nourishes the skin and keeps it moisturized throughout the day. On ZARA HOME store site can be ordered liquid natural and squared soap made manually using plant ingredients. It is a rich oriental, fresh and gourmet flavors, such as praline, milk, lily of the valley, orange blossom, heliotrope, cedar, musk and cinnamon - you can pick up an interesting song for himself, mother, sister or friend. Also on site you will find dishes, textiles, carpets, soft, cozy slippers, pajamas and a bathrobe, original candles and other interesting decor for the home.

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