4 Ideas for a sparkling New Year's make-up

The easiest way to make a memorable make-up for the New Year - to use glitter. We have already told how to wear glitter every day, and today decided to make a selection of stylish make-up, which is very easy to replicate in the brightest night of the year. Inspired by photographers using our tips and tutorials from beauty-brilliant Violette will help you make an interesting make-up on their own.

1. Stardust

To do this, use the image of pigmented shadows and glitter with small particles. Cold and warm sparkling shades can be applied to any part of a person: on eyebrows, or even lower eyelids as highlighter. If you apply the shadow with glitter on the eyelids, make sure that under them will be the base or other more dense shadows to sparkling dust does not crumble during the evening. Use glitter glue, if you want to fix the particles to a moving part of the century, or create some kind of pattern.

The Board of Violette: Pumps sparkling shade of a brush to get more pigment, and only after the filled center century shade shade above. See that lash line remained filled.

2. Champagne

4 Ideas for a sparkling New Year's make-up 4 Ideas for a sparkling New Year's make-up

Shades of champagne, peach and pale pink - the best colors for the New Year's Eve. Pick up makeup to her along or drink. Use holographic shadows around the eyes or areas of highlighter to achieve extra shine.

Tip from Violette:, Bring her eyes dark pencil or use cream shadows dark shade. Does not necessarily make the line graphically clear, Shade color along the century. This will help to visually highlight the eyes and make them more and avoid sickly because of the predominance of pink, yellow or reddish tinge.

3. The metal enamel

4 Ideas for a sparkling New Year's make-up 4 Ideas for a sparkling New Year's make-up

For those who want to make makeup more vivid, but it does not go beyond the minimalist beauty industry came up with enamel. Dense shade or glitter finish with very fine particles will help to create a bright and sparkling makeup. Pumps enamel on the eyelids, eyebrows, lips or ears, and this image will not go unnoticed. The trend is all shades of metallic gold, silver, bronze and platinum, as well as any of your favorite colors with metallic effect.

Tip from Violette: If you want to add the enamel volume and natural shine, apply on the eyelid gloss finish when completely finished makeup.

4. Rhinestones

4 Ideas for a sparkling New Year's make-up 4 Ideas for a sparkling New Year's make-up

Another interesting way to make a sparkling makeup - rhinestones. For this image you need a lot of patience, symmetry and glitter glue. The major glitter may be applied over pigmented shadows, and crystals positioned on the age, around the eyes, the cheeks and around the lower and upper eyelids, to emphasize the shape. You can also use eyeliner to glitter as adhesive base and place the sparkling drops of arrow loop.

Tip from Violette: important when working with crystals - to maintain symmetry. In order to create the illusion of volume, and glistening particles and poured on light must not place them one below the other and diagonally. How, look in the video tutorial.