6 gifts for those who love to cook

Find a gift for the avid cook can be really difficult, but a good frying pan in his kitchen arsenal certainly never be superfluous. That's why we have 6 different pans, where you can easily cook any dish from grilled cheese to delicious donuts.

1. Universal pan

6 gifts for those who love to cook

The universal pan, which is suitable for frying and stewing all daily meals. It has a three-layer non-stick coating stony and thickened bottom that provides uniform heat distribution and preventing sticking of food. Furthermore, such pan is safe to use since is made with an additional protective coating and does not emit toxic chemical compounds with strong heating.

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2 pan-sauté pan

6 gifts for those who love to cook

If you are looking for something stylish, practical, useful, durable pan sauté-pan will help. Thanks to the deep bottom thickened with non-stick coating reinforced with particles of natural materials, it is evenly warms up quickly and cools slowly, not letting dishes burnt and losing the natural flavor of natural products. This casserole is very convenient passaged vegetables, stew meat and fish, as well as simmer sauces, jams or preserves both the stove and in the oven.

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3. Pan-grill

6 gifts for those who love to cook

grill pan, made of high-quality cast aluminum, is heated quickly and uniformly without emitting harmful substances and significantly accelerates the process of cooking. It can be easy to cook steak until crisp, quickly fry bread for sandwiches or vegetables on a minimal amount of oil. Frying pan bottom has a solid thickened with a safe, non-stick coating and a removable handle, so it can be easily put in the oven. Order a pan-grill

4. Pan-oladnitsa

6 gifts for those who love to cook

If you regularly cook a delicious American buffet breakfast, make your life easier with a pan-shaped oladnitse. It is made from a durable cast aluminum and has a thick bottom with a non-stick coating that allows easy fry tasty, flavorful pancakes and crepes without oil. A distinctive feature of oladnitsy 7 are fun to fill the cells of the test that will quickly make a mountain of smooth, lush and cheerful fritters. Your children will be delighted!

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5. nonstick pan

6 gifts for those who love to cook

Universal heat-resistant pan with durable non-stick coating, which can easily replace the baking dish. This pan does not emit harmful substances, it heats up quickly and retains heat for a long time. It is durable and is not afraid to temperature changes, so it can be safely baked fish, pies, lasagna, cheese cakes, as well as the meat in French.

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6. The pan-crepe

6 gifts for those who love to cook

This elegant, small pancake made of cast aluminum will be a wonderful addition to any kitchen. It has a thick bottom non-stick and low bumpers, which significantly simplifies the process of cooking pancakes - the dough quickly spread on the surface, and the pancakes themselves evenly baked through, and can be easily removed from the pan. It is convenient to prepare not only pancakes, but the cheese cakes, pancakes, muffins, quiches and omelettes. Order-pan pancake

Order these pans can be on the company's website "Alita", which produces dishes with environmentally friendly, non-stick coating and an additional protective layer of natural materials to prepare delicious, healthy meals and fragrant pastries. Now in stock companies, there are more than 60 names traditionally black or stone nonstick and monotonous design in different colors: black, red, blue and bronze. Also here you can buy high-quality cast aluminum cookware with non-stick coated or uncoated: wok-frying, baking forms, pots, cauldrons, utyatnitsu and bakeware.

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