How to do a manicure at home

High-quality manicure - this is a complex multi-step process that requires certain skills and the availability of special tools and equipment. If you like to frequently change the design of nails, you can try to experiment with colors. Heroine has collected the necessary materials for the self manicure and useful tips on how to do it right.

1. Prepare the necessary equipment

How to do a manicure at home

To bring the hands in order, one nail polish can not do. To trim edging manicure you need some special tools for personal use.

Nail clippers

They come in different shapes: straight scissors are suitable for adjusting the nail length and slightly curved, with rounded tips and thin blades - for the treatment of cuticles. Choose stainless steel scissors - they are durable, easy to sterilize and not bend during grinding. When selecting forceps should pay attention to the size of the cutting blade - it should not be too large.

Emery buff and polish

Glass nail files are durable, easy to clean and disinfect. They are not able to damage the natural nail structure and are suitable for work with brittle nails. When choosing a nail file, pay attention to the abrasive sawing or Grita. they are usually listed on most Pilke and can range from 80 to 3000 grit.

Ideal for sawing natural nail has abrasiveness of 150 to 240 grit. If her stated fewer such nail file is not suitable for natural nails and is used only artificial. Emery boards made of paper-based - is the most economical option, but as well as suede-saws polishers, are difficult to disinfect, so choose options on the basis of water-resistant.

Buffs are designed for soft polishing nails. They remove any unevenness and defects of the nail plate and nail carefully prepare for subsequent basecoat application.

Pushers and orange sticks for cuticle treatment

These tools conveniently push back the cuticle without damaging the nail plate. Pushers are more suitable for processing large elastic cuticle orange - for thin or dry.

This is the minimum set of tools needed to create high-quality and safe manicure at home.

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After each use, tools for manicure need to be disinfected with special fluids and sterilized in a hot air oven or a sterilizer glasperlenovom. Store the same it is better not to kosmetichke, and adhesive kraft bags or UV-sterilizers for filtering bacteria and pathogens.

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2. Choose the correct lamp

How to do a manicure at home

For home manicure practical to choose a UV- and UV / LED-lamp.

UV-lamp suitable for all types of coatings from the gel to a gel varnish. Ultraviolet wave polymerized coating slower than diodes in tubes with UV / LED rays - for 2-3 minutes. UV / LED-lamp more powerful - depending on the manufacturer of the coating hardens within 30-60 seconds. Look to LED lamps were placed not only above, but also on the sides of the design - it is necessary for a uniform polymerization gel varnish.

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3. Start with cosmetic manicure

How to do a manicure at home

When all the necessary tools are collected, make sure that the workplace is well lit, and start the procedure.

Take away the remnants of the old varnish. Use universal liquid for removing any coating from a conventional varnish to gel varnish. Its formula with oils will keep nails strong and does not dry up the cuticle.

Use a nail file to shorten the length of the nails and give them shape. Nail polish the surface with a buff.

Pusher or orange stick gently otodvin cuticle and gather her scissors or forceps.

Degrease the surface of the nail using a degreaser. Without it, the nail surface will not hold gel varnish.

Apply a thin layer of basecoat, not forgetting the end of the nail plate, the nails dry and send into the lamp. If you have thin, weak nails - to give preference to the rubber base. Fiber rubber coating gives added strength, in addition to this base is much easier - it almost does not spread on the nails, smoothes the surface, firmly grasped and does not provide chips.

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4. Choose an appropriate nail

How to do a manicure at home

Many people think that after the gel polish nails become brittle, but it is not. Coating strengthens weak nails, preventing their separation. They can only deteriorate due to improper removal technique gel varnish. There are several systems applying gel nail polish: single-phase and three-phase.

Single-phase system involves the use of a gel varnish. In one vial are mixed immediately 3 coating: base color coat and finish. However, the simplicity of application affects the quality of coverage - it is very short-lived.

Three-phase system is considered the most high-quality and stable. It is alternately applying all three coatings. Base, color and finish. Apply the color gel polish is better in 2 thin coats - coating will be more dense, smooth and rich. If the gel varnish burst of the nail or cuticle, gently remove the extra orange stick or use before applying the liquid tape manicure, which will help to make up the nails carefully, not touching the cuticle.

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Top 5.

How to do a manicure at home

objects and advantages of top - to consolidate and extend the life of the gel varnish. You can purchase top with an adhesive layer or without it, with a glossy, matt and velor effect. Choose tops with thick texture, so you can quickly and accurately apply the finish with a thin, even layer.

Top without the adhesive layer does not require removal of the adhesive layer remaining after each drying step. However, if the plan pattern applied to the nails, or use stickers water, choose top with an adhesive layer. So you can design it firmly and avoid the appearance of cracks. Glossy top cover will give a soft glow. Matte finish will remove shine and gloss to achieve a beautiful velvet effect. However, to use the latter, the nail surface must be perfectly flat, otherwise it will emphasize all the flaws.

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