5 eco-friendly glasses, which you can take with you

Countless paper cups and plastic lids, which come every day in landfills, it is not as harmless as they seem. Their special treated polypropylene film, whereby they can not be recycled and recovered methane gas into the atmosphere, which causes irreparable damage to nature and human health. Therefore, the most correct solution is to buy a glass made from environmentally friendly materials.

On the Web site In-Colors.ru we picked up some interesting glasses, which you can use for a variety of activities without worrying about the fact that damage to the environment.

1. Bottle Camelbak Eddy

5 eco-friendly glasses, which you can take with you

This handy bottle with a simple but striking design will quickly quench your thirst while exercising or driving behind the wheel. Attached to the cover tube allows you to drink from the bottle, without turning it upside down. You can easily fix it by bike, treadmill or trainer, as well as to put in a car cup holder. Tight, sealed glass lid allows you to throw in your bag and not worry that liquid will pour out and blurs the documents.

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2. Flask Camelbak Chute

5 eco-friendly glasses, which you can take with you

Stylish but practical jar is perfect for those who like to travel light. In the winter you can wear it tea, coffee or spicy mulled wine and summer to pour water, fruit drinks and smoothies with ice. This sturdy water bottle is made of Tritan - lightweight shatter-proof material, is equipped with a wide neck and innovative cover, twist-off in a half-turn. The ergonomic design allows the jar to carry it by hooking the finger or attach to a backpack through a carbine.

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3. Baby Bottle Camelbak Eddy Kids

5 eco-friendly glasses, which you can take with you

In addition to the classic monochrome models in the line Camelbak Eddy has a funny baby drinking bottles. Compact and sealed bottle equipped with a handy drinking straw, and thanks to the original gate valve it fits easily into a backpack or small bag. The housing is made of high bottle Tritan without releasing harmful substances into the water, so it is safe for children.

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4. A glass thermos Pina Pineapple

5 eco-friendly glasses, which you can take with you

Very light cup made of ecologically pure food grade plastic, which you'll want to take to the pool, the beach or the road, because your drinks will stay cold for several hours. It has a stylish design, as well as an opening for the tube from the top cover, which is convenient to drink iced tea, smoothies or water even at the wheel. Order a glass thermos

5. Design Mug by Shinji Kato

5 eco-friendly glasses, which you can take with you

Fairy ceramic mug from the Japanese designer-illustrator Shinji Kato is decorated with unusual patterns that will cheer up not only children but also adults. It depicts scenes from the beloved by many children's fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland" - this cheerful mug will convert any, even morning tea in a real holiday.

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