Feysfitnes: how to do gymnastics for the face

On our face, there are over 50 different muscles, but unlike most of the muscles of the body are used by us is extremely rare. Regularly performing facial exercises, you will not only improve the local blood circulation and smooth the skin, but also their own hands to prevent the appearance of new wrinkles. Together with the international coach Tatiana feysfitnesu Koynovoy we will talk about the benefits of exclusive feysfitnesa and how to properly train your facial muscles, to your efforts were not in vain.

Feysfitnes: how to do gymnastics for the face

Tatiana Koynova conducts individual and group trainings on feysfitnesu, which teaches girls to maintain their youth and beauty in a natural way, without costly trips to the beautician. Only by learning to correctly perform facial exercises, based on the guidance of a professional trainer and the anatomy of the facial muscles, you'll be able to avoid the disastrous consequences and have a rejuvenating effect. Tatiana herself says that she delivers unreal pleasure to tell their female students as possible to feel the work of his face, get rid of bad habits and facial using simple exercises to raise self-esteem. , Which will be discussed below that the results were not long in coming, it has produced 4 training.

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Feysfitnes. Basic level

Feysfitnes: how to do gymnastics for the face

The training is designed for beginners and those who want to learn what feysfitnes, learn the primary techniques to get the motivation to care for themselves and to engage in their own homes.

The training program: You will talk about the features of the face of the structure, on how to operate the facial muscles and how our facial expressions affect the formation of wrinkles. You will learn to consciously control their facial expressions and work with expression. Together with the coach carefully studied and worked for a set of exercises for facial gymnastics, which will help to smooth wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes and brow area, get rid of bags and black circles under the eyes, to strengthen the skin of the cheeks and model cheekbones to restore facial contours, shape and volume lips. Also, you will receive a present handbook with photos and detailed description of each exercise, in which you can do at home on their own.

Feysfitnes. Advanced level

Feysfitnes: how to do gymnastics for the face

Training for those who have passed basic training and want to complicate the work of the facial muscles. You will get acquainted with brand new exercises aimed at a deep study of the facial muscles.

The training program: Exercises for the advanced level, you can perform a separate course or in combination with the base, focusing on the areas that are most important to correct. In feysfitnese very important performance technique, so you have to work every exercise in detail, and the coach personally supervise correctness of their execution. At the end of the course you will receive a handbook detailing the action.

Vacuum self-massage

Feysfitnes: how to do gymnastics for the face

Vacuum self-massage enhances blood circulation, helps to tighten and relax the facial muscles, improve skin tone, reduce wrinkles and deliver nutrients to skin cells substance. It combines not only massage special cosmetic jars, but also exercise and application of nourishing mask on the face.

The training program: In class you learn the technique of application of cosmetic jars and under the supervision of a coach exhaust it to the facial regions: forehead, brow area, the nose, the cheeks, nasolabial folds, chin, and the area around the lips. At the end of the session you will receive a handbook with detailed descriptions and photos of exercises, as well as cosmetic jars for self-massage as a gift.

The conscious control facial expressions

Feysfitnes: how to do gymnastics for the face

Too much facial expressions - a recipe for premature aging. It is therefore important time to learn how to manage their emotions, to the forehead, in the area of ​​the nasolabial folds, and around the eyes do not appear premature wrinkles and deep wrinkles. The training program: You will know why it is important to monitor your emotions, how they affect the condition of your skin, as well as learn different ways to control the facial expressions of your face.

On the Internet you will find many online courses feysfitnesu, but not all of them bring the desired result, and some are even able to do much harm, since in most cases the coach can not remotely monitor the proper performance of the exercise. Rather than switch from one online training to another in search of an effective technique, Tatiana Koynova advises her to train under close supervision in offline mode. In individual cases, if a pupil is in another city or country, training in basic and advanced levels Tatiana spends online.

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