6 make-up to suit any party

January is almost all but the season of parties in full swing. The best way to maintain the festive mood - look great. With these ideas for the make-up you will always be ready for February 14, March 8, or any day when you want fun. After all, for the good life it is not an excuse is required.

1. Gold-plated lids

6 make-up to suit any party

This elegant make-up will suit you if you are not ready to experiment with extravagant glitter. Apply shadow cream or gray-brown shade on the eyelid. Add on top of shimmering golden shadows. They are also used for the inner corner of the eye. The finishing touch will be a chocolate mascara on the tips of the lashes.

2. The shimmering eyelashes

6 make-up to suit any party

Glitter may be used as a primary focus in the makeup or just to enhance the effect, as in this case. Draw the classic arrows and place several large clear or silver glitter along the lash line. There should be little to create the illusion of water droplets. Make yourself look even more expressive help of false eyelashes or mascara shiny.

3. Foil lips

6 make-up to suit any party

The lips with the effect of the foil can not be called practical, but it looks like a makeup cosmically.

Make it two ways. First - the pieces of foil attached by an adhesive to eyelashes. Put it punctually and carefully laid out the glittering fragments of tweezers. In addition, the base for sticking foil may be a primer for glitter

The second method - instead take foil glitter pigment. Apply gloss primer or lip with a brush and evenly distributed pigment. The effect is not quite the same as with the foil, but beautiful metallic luster is provided. With such bright lips eye makeup should be minimal. Although gold lips with black smoky eyes look very dramatic.

4. Ice opinion

6 make-up to suit any party

If the winter in the heart, the soul storm, let it be, and in his eyes. Bright blue eyeliner lower eyelid looks particularly impressive on the contrast with the gold shadow on the upper eyelid. Fighting two seasons on his face. Lip is better to use a transparent gloss or lipstick shade with a cold.

5. Red lips in gold

6 make-up to suit any party

Add chic classic red lips, you can use gold. Circle the top line of the lips of the highlighter color. This luxurious combination, besides so lips will look bulkier. Learn more about how to visually enlarge, we have already mentioned.

6. minimalist radiance

6 make-up to suit any party

We remember that we are - a festive make-up, but sometimes you can achieve the perfect image of a minimum of means. Use a lip gloss on the eyelids and cheekbones for a glossy flicker. Apply several layers of mascara, the effect of spider legs in this case pertinent as ever. Lip nyudovogo enough lipstick shade or shine.

Plus, this makeup is that you can always do it on the go means that there are certainly in her purse.

Which of these methods would you like to try?