9 details of your appearance, which should really worry

Modern beauty industry is hurting the girls across the planet, making them feel insecure in his own body, but the popularity of filters for selfie increases for good reason - for many of us, this is another way to feel a little better, hiding the details of appearance, which seem to be imperfect . Follow each dangerous trend, such as weight retention in the lowest bracket, definitely not worth it. It is better to focus on some of the features of its appearance, that really matter.

1. Eyes

9 details of your appearance, which should really worry

It does not matter what color your eyes are, or how they form a vital part of the body, because it helps to literally see the world. Of course, you can highlight their unusual with makeup, but most importantly - you have to take care of their internal state. Limit the time you spend on the computer or smartphone, and if you get bored at night - take it into the hands of a paper book. Also, do not forget to make regular breaks in order to perform visual exercises and acquire special rewetting drops at the pharmacy to combat fatigue.

2. Leather

If you do not feel comfortable in your own skin - you will start to lose confidence quickly. The winter is still in full swing, which means that now your face is the most vulnerable and dehydrated. Use a moisturizer to replenish moisture reserves in the cells, otherwise you increase the tendency to dull skin appearance and wrinkles.

3. Teeth

9 details of your appearance, which should really worry

It is important to have not only a bright white - and therefore healthier - a smile, but also a time to take action against certain diseases of the teeth. Just one infected tooth can cause sepsis, meningitis, and distribute stomach bacteria - so that trip to the dentist is not necessary to put off for later. Your teeth need not be straight and smooth - but they need to be healthy.

4. Lips

Did you ever wake up with the feeling that your lips are covered with dried crust? This situation is quite common for the winter because of the low humidity, so it pays to take a few steps to restore their moisture. Make sure you drink enough water regularly use protective balm before going outdoors, and once a week to make a honey scrub. In addition, you can think about how to buy a special home air humidifier, which helps restore moisture balance without extra effort.

5. Posture

If you're going to stand up straight, with drooping shoulders and laid back - it will not only feel more confident, but it will prevent some health problems. According to a report published in the Harvard Health, it is the correct posture is important to prevent any injuries, as well as to preserve the balance of the whole body. You do not want to walk bent in his 80s - start training now.

6. Chest

9 details of your appearance, which should really worry

It does not matter what shape or size of your breasts - the important thing is how to you picks up bra. Proper laundry can significantly improve your day not only in appearance, but also the prevention of back pain. Do not forget to also undergo regular inspection at mammalogy, because the earlier the disease is detected, the easier it is to treat.

7. Spin

About 80% of the adult population experiences severe back pain and lower back, and if not treated - it will lead to serious problems in the future, but at the same time affect the overall impression of the sight of you. Do not forget to stretch every morning and an active lifestyle, and uses every opportunity to get a massage.

8. Hands

9 details of your appearance, which should really worry

If you at least once broke his hand and got dislocated, then you know how important hand in your life. Of course, it's nice from time to time to do a professional manicure, but there are other ways to bring them into good shape. Use a rich cream that helps moisten them, and regularly carry out exercises to prevent pain in the fingers of the constant use of the keyboard and the smartphone.

9. General hygiene

Even simple things need to remind you from time to time if you regularly miss a shower, you can definitely make a bad first impression. Make sure you use a quality deodorant, and despise not use if're extremely active lifestyle. If you smoke - you should wash their clothes more often, and also take into account that the smell of your perfume can be blended into an unpleasant cocktail-soaked tissue.

What do you think is most important in their appearance?