How to become a better version of yourself

Plastic surgery - quite popular aesthetic trend in medicine, to successfully correct the appearance. Through the use of advanced methods of correction and the availability of modern equipment, you can change almost any part of the body: a deviated septum of the nose, drooping eyelids, small breast size or heavy eyebrows.

Heroine met with MD, a plastic surgeon and a specialist in the aesthetics of the face and the web body Clinic German Medical Technologies GMTClinic Anwar Salidzhanovym and tell at what age you can begin experimenting with looks, why you should trust the Russian surgeons and morally prepare himself for the first operation.

How to become a better version of yourself How to become a better version of yourself

Salidzhanov Anwar - MD, a plastic surgeon at the aesthetics of the face and body specialist, winner Diamond Beauty in the nomination "The professionalism and quality" (2010), "The best plastic surgeon. Trust and reputation "by the International Prize" Grace "(2018), a permanent speaker of leading Russian mass media, the author of the recently published book" How to become a better version of yourself. "

What operations in Russia are more popular?

Most often, patients come to us in order to increase or tighten the breast to change its shape. In Russia, mammoplasty is approximately 40-50% of the total number of plastic surgeries.

How many zones can operate at one time? What operations are combined in such a case?

How to become a better version of yourself How to become a better version of yourself

It is believed that the operation lasting within 5 hours are more comfortable for the organism. This is primarily due to the loss of blood, so is not desirable at the same time to carry out more operations 2-3. Normally I try to keep within 2-2, 5:00, so some procedures can be combined. For example, at a time I can pull up the eyelids, liposuction done, enlarge breasts, and it will not be a big burden for the patient. See the possibilities of plastic surgery

Is it true that 40 years - this is the best age for plastics?

Looking for some. If we talk about rhinoplasty, hump when finally formed and begins to visually stretch in 18 years, why wait 40? Oriental eyelids can also be operated in the years 18-20. If postpartum women drooped or decreased breast and wants to restore the form or slightly increase the size - it is the best option, although the procedure is popular among nulliparous women. In 40 years, yet some of total age-related changes, so do facelift yet. As you can see, there is not some kind of pattern.

What are the best practices of existing operations. In Russia, they are doing? As far as professional Russian plastic surgeons?

How to become a better version of yourself

The development of endoscopic surgery are directly affected and plastic, so today in our work, we make extensive use of advanced techniques of endoscopic facelift. At the time, it was also a popular procedure for endoscopic breast augmentation. With regard to professionalism, several times a month we invite you to take part in the International Symposium on plastic surgery, to share experience and cutting-edge developments. To say that overseas plastic surgery do better than in Russia, it is impossible. Our former fellow citizens who leave to live abroad - in America, Germany - very often return to be operated here.

Moreover, when a person has made an operation abroad and returned home, he loses the opportunity to contact your doctor, and postoperative management - a necessary thing. They may arise hematoma, inflammation, so the presence of the attending physician in the patient's life for 2-3 months after surgery is necessary. I understand when people go somewhere to be operated more cheaply. But when it comes to the result, I can not say that this is the right approach.

How to find the doctor and his clinic?

Only through consultation and a personal acquaintance. Someone chooses your doctor based on the results of work "before and after", while others - from the posts on the Internet. It so happens that people come from far away, such as the Far East, with ready-made tests, although this never live not seen your doctor. Well, there is the possibility of online consultations. In any case, before you get to the operating room, the doctor-patient occurs a contact. It is not so much objective as subjective feeling. If a patient came in and did not feel a spark, like something did not like to communicate - no matter how good the doctor may be, people still turn around and go away.

View results of "before and after"

Many women are concerned that after the plastic will look unnatural, is this true?

No, any plastic surgery should be performed so that the patient looked good. You can not make it obvious that a person made the nose, eyelids, or enlarged breasts. Everything has to be in proportion, beautifully, naturally and with a minimum of scars. If the surgery is noticeable to others, I believe that this is the wrong job.

How to care for yourself after surgery?

Every doctor its approach to rehabilitation, regardless of the operation made. This can be an independent cosmetic care at home or professional procedures performed at cosmeticians or rehabilitators clinic - it all depends on the specific situation.

How to become a better version of yourself

Just Your book came out the other day, "How to become a better version of yourself." What was she, for whom? Perhaps people with medical education, it will be uninteresting. It's an easy book, designed for a wide range of readers who are interested in plastic surgery and the ability to retain its attractiveness for many years. It disclosed general questions regarding plastic surgery, in particular, there are some operations like them to prepare and what to expect as a result. Also in the book, I shared the warm, sometimes fun working moments in the life of a plastic surgeon.

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