6 tips for those who have nothing to wear forever

This happens at least once during the season: open your wardrobe and you realize that there is absolutely nothing to take. Things in place, but the favorite sweater suddenly become some stretched and faded; Jeans, in which you are ready to spend the rest of your life, look horrible; a shirt that goes to everything already become familiar even your bus driver.

Change entire wardrobe at once expensive and impractical. A couple of new things happy for long, so you should learn to look for inspiration in the fact that you have. These tips will help you spend less time on the selection of the image and not to lose heart when no money for new clothes.

1. Properly Organize your closet

6 tips for those who have nothing to wear forever

Most conventional cleaning in the closet opens your eyes to how much you loved, quality and still fashionable things. They are so long hid under a faded T-shirts, sweaters and extended only comfortable jeans that you'd forgotten about their existence.

Find the courage to get rid of unwanted clothes, from which one - we have already told.

I believe that even then you pripasesh couple of things that "it is a pity to throw away", but on the way you will find what always feel perfect.

Hold the front of the cabinet things ready to wear right now. Home, off-season, for a special occasion leave to the far side of the shelf. When opening the cabinet, you first see a good, favorite clothes, it is unlikely that you will arise a sense of what to wear absolutely nothing.

2. Develop a formula ready attire

6 tips for those who have nothing to wear forever

The worst thing is when nothing to wear, but also the time to grieve about it and find a way out, either. Create a few ready-made combinations, they will save when there is no time to make a decision.

It should not be the whole onions, only a couple of absolutely favorite things. There blazer, combined with a huge amount of clothes and shoes in which you feel great? Remember this duo. Add to it a dress shirt with jeans or a skirt will be much easier than coming up with the entire image from scratch.

Such ready combinations around which you build all bow should be several. Mentally divide them into occasions: in this well to go to work, and it is ideal for a walk with friends.

3. Change your perspective on your style

Sometimes the feeling that you have nothing to wear, everything is out of date and without emotion, not associated with clothing. Maybe you just want to change in its appearance, and a new shirt this is hardly correct.

Change your hairstyle or hair color. On the other hair your whole wardrobe can look completely different.

If not ready for radical changes, try a new way to style your hair or add something unusual to his makeup. In the image, every detail is important, so pay attention to the details.

4. Use accessories

This is the most budget way to update your wardrobe. New sunglasses, scarf or brooch refresh the usual things. In addition, they can be used with different things. Accessories help change the look to your style without drastic intervention in the exterior.

5. Seek muse

6 tips for those who have nothing to wear forever

In order to find new ways to combine the things that you have, you need inspiration. Choose your blogger or other media person with a good style. You do not have to know the intricacies of the fashion industry, to follow all the news and is exactly the same images of your favorite stars. But, looking at its home page, you can come up with combinations and solutions that will suit you.

You can be inspired, and our materials, for example, are known to Parisians talk about what a French style.

6. Invest in a versatile outerwear

6 tips for those who have nothing to wear forever

It is difficult to pass by bomber or bright coat, which this season are all but universal outerwear your wardrobe essential. Do not feel sorry for funds for a good trench coat, leather jacket or a classic coat. With properly chosen thing even ordinary clothes will look like you're well above them worked.

What do you do when it seems that there is nothing to wear?