4 original ideas for gifts for February 23

While traditional men's gifts, such as neckties, shaving kit or chilled stones for whiskey, seem to us quite optimal, in men over a wide range of tastes, and these options are not always receive the real application. To add to your list of gifts a little variety, we have collected 4 exciting holiday ideas.

1. Team model military vehicles

Prefabricated models of military equipment - a wonderful gift that will be delighted connoisseur or just a lover of puzzles. They will allow your man to show their creativity. All items can be not only to collect and glue, but also to paint, at its discretion, apply the pigments, varnishes and create different effects, such as to simulate oil and mud stains. Finished models can be used as a kind of interior decoration or play historical battles, develop their own fighting moves, analyze the advantages and disadvantages of military equipment.

Order prefabricated scale models of military equipment, please visit the online store Armata-Models. Here you will find quality parts of tanks and armored vehicles, aircraft and ships, and for those who do not like messing around, you can buy ready-made model. If you do not know which model to choose, buy a gift certificate to a favorite man, that he made the choice himself. In addition to re-create a realistic picture of the fighting, you can buy soldiers sets from different eras, machine guns, fences, pieces of brick walls and more. Order team model

2. Gift certificate in a bath complex

If your circle is a man of dialogue, which is urgently needed to relax, a gift certificate to a bath complex it can be very useful. Seen baths improves mood, reduces stress, cleanses the body of toxins, increases libido, and is a perfect way to immerse yourself into a deep sleep at night.

Recreation complex "Taezhka" - a spacious sauna complex, that combines the best traditions of European and Russian baths, as well as the exotic Far East. On its territory there are 7 separate bath-houses, where you can rest a big company or a relaxing one. Fans appreciate warm up the place for the high quality of service, comfort and a variety of services. In addition to the bath, there is a swimming pool, a billiard room, a hotel and restaurant with an original menu, a karaoke bar, a tennis court, massage and spa services, including herbal and kegs, Maralova baths - everything you need for a perfect holiday.

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3. Speaker shower Typo

4 original ideas for gifts for February 23

The original line Typo Australian label products produced product for audiophiles - waterproof wireless mini speaker for the soul. Along with the democratic price tag it combines high-quality materials and practical functionality. Works up to 5 hours without charge, has a compact design, is equipped with playback functions, pause and switch to the next track, and is not afraid of splashing. Devaysa further advantage lies in the fact that it can be used for receiving calls. Just Prilep him to the wall in the bathroom or the shower and continue to chat - handy for those who are often on the move and has no time to give due consideration to a close. Order speaker for the soul

4. The T-shirt with an original print

4 original ideas for gifts for February 23 4 original ideas for gifts for February 23

T-shirt with an interesting print can give to any man, and for any reason, because in the locker room, she will never be superfluous. The main thing - to take into account the style and interests of the recipient. This can be a T-shirt, his favorite brand or reference to a known character. You can order a print, stylized poster of his favorite movie.

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